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 Welcome to Ranell's Athletic Performance Program (RAPP) for Netball.

There are 2 levels of access available - Single and Team for each level of programs. Access is via email and password using the ASSA app which is downloaded to your phone. Team access is limited to 15 individuals. Bulk discounts for Associations are available upon request.


A new fitness (JNRS/SNRS/ELITE) and strength (SNRS/ELITE) program drops every 4 weeks. You will still have access to the previous program even when the new ones drop. There are 4 programs covering 4 months of training for JNRS and 6 programs covering 6 months for SNRS and ELITE and you can choose to continue the access for as long as you want. Simply cancel anytime via your Paypal account or via the link in the Header above.

UPDATE : We have just added a superb bodyweight strength and power program to the Juniors !!! Enjoy 🙂


Single Access for Individual training :

"The conditioning session I did today was amazing. Makes me feel so strong and prepared for the season ahead. I really love the video and explanation of every drill, it makes it super easy to follow.

I did the weights session the other day and it was also amazing." - Charlotte (Metro 1 NSW Netball).


It costs just $27.50 per week for JNRS, SNRS and ELITE to have 24/7 access to both the fitness and the strength programs, delivered via her app to your choice of device. 

This option is also great for coaches that want to conduct the fitness training themselves. It is very useful especially for the juniors program with the Representative and the associated TDP teams being taken through a session following Ranell's guidelines perfectly. The video support for each and every exercise is incredibly helpful here The Coach holds the single access point for the group and is in control of the session.


Feedback from the Associations that are using this option has been very strong and the results most pleasing especially in the 11-13 years players.


Simply click on one of the red buttons below and you will automatically be taken to the signup page and then onto the Paypal subscription page for payment. 



HINT : Download the APP to your phone via the access page or by clicking here :

Apple Users

Android Users

And then simply log in on your phone and you're good to go.


Once you have your access details (email and password as chosen by you) and have logged in, simply head to the bottom of the 'My Dashboard' screen and you fill find your programs waiting for you at the bottom of the dashboard via the 'programs' tab with the little dumb-bell icon. Press that and then select your desired session and get started.



There is also a user-guide that is sent with your welcome notice within the app to help you get started asap.


Team Training :

"I am really enjoying the program. So great to train like this as a team when we are actually miles apart." - Dakota, Northern Rays Netball QLD.


This is the Team Training option. This is a fantastic and cost effective way to be able to train using this system. It is especially useful for teams that have members separated by distance, such as a state or national group that can't meet for regular training together, or teams that have entered off-season and need to continue or improve their on-court athleticism for the next one. Or perhaps the coaches want their players to do their fitness training in their own time so they can devote precious face-to-face sessions to systems and court/game management

Each player has their own access point to the programs and can train as often as they like between their face to face sessions with their coach. 


To inquire further about this please use the contact form below.



"The Blacktown City Neball Association 11's loved RAPP..... and the coaches too! So easy to use and felt like Ranell was right there with us." - Stephanie (Coach).



Any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.



Ranell and Kip.

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