Building the Athlete within the Player

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Australia's Leading Athletic Development Program for Sports Players


Individual and Small Groups Training

The ASSA training system has been designed for progressive athletic development in speed mechanics, acceleration and force production (strength) to make you run faster, for longer.

Based upon decades of experience and world-class research, we specialise in youth long term development for explosive sport speed and reduction in injury through perfect movement mechanics.

The programs are a huge success for all field and court based sports players aged 9 and above and are easily implemented into your pre or post season training plans.

At the Academy of Sport Speed and Agility we focus on perfecting the explosive acceleration that gets you to the ball first, or allows you to hit the line at your maximum speed possible.


Our specialised training programs and excellent team of coaches will get you running faster, for longer, through perfect speed and efficient movement mechanics.


These specific programs are best for 1 on 1 solo sessions ($99) or in groups up to 5 attendees ($33).

Regardless of the sport, the ability to rapidly and efficiently accelerate, decelerate, change direction and move a body segment or the entire body rapidly is a nearly universal and essential element of success

1 on 1 or Family up to 3 members

$99 per session

1 on 2

$66 per session
  • $99 price applies if only 1 attendee.

1 on 3

$49 per session
  • The price is capped at $49 per attendee unless it becomes a solo 1 on 1 session in which case the $99 price applies.

1 on 4

$38 per session
  • Price varies according to actual session attendees as per ASSA policy shown here.

1 on 5

$33 per session
  • Price varies according to actual session attendees as per ASSA policy shown here.

Group Pricing Policy

ASSA doesn't organise small group training based upon individual's requests due to the ranges of sports and ages that are our athletes and the differences and difficulties that this entails, plus the disadvantage it brings to specific speed and movement development coaching. We want you to improve and are not here to waste anyone's time and especially money.

As such if you are looking at our small groups coaching as an option to be part of our training program at an excellent price-point then we would expect you to organise the group and then contact us. In this way the quality of the training is magnified due to the the same sport and age of the members involved.


It is also vitally important to be aware of the pricing policy for group training as follows :

1 on 2 : Priced at $66 each. If only 1 athlete attends then this is priced as a solo session at $99.

1 on 3 : Priced at $49 each. If only 2 athletes attend then this remains at $49. If only 1 attends then this becomes a solo session and priced at $99.

1 on 4 : Priced at $38 each. If only 3 attend then this is priced as a 1 on 3 session at $49 and then the above 1 on 3 policy takes over.

1 on 5 : Priced at $33 each. If only 4 attend then this is priced as a 1 on 4 session at $38 and then the above 1 on 4 policy takes over.


It would be advantageous if the group organiser was pre-aware of any sessions moving towards low numbers and then contacted their ASSA coach to discuss the validity of the session proceeding for that week. We only require a 24hr cancellation notice period to avoid any charges unless unexpected circumstances are involved of course..


Pricing for the small groups is reflected upon this and we always try and avoid invoice shock. If you have any questions or wish to discuss this further please contact the office directly - 02 8310 9946.

Team Training

ASSA Team/Club Pre-Season Coaching.

Working with Coaches to help Players achieve their Maximum Athletic Potential.

”An outstanding pre-season program….. “
Jason Eager, Technical Director Northern Tigers FC – NPL 1 and 2 Male and Female Soccer (Football)

Team Training Benefits

Training Director Ranell Hobson has written 6 - 8 - 10 and 12 week pre season speed and movement training programs that are ready right now to be implemented at your club by a fully qualified ASSA coach.

These programs are progressive in nature and will create a level of athleticism within your players that will greatly increase their on-field / on-court performances.

As Ranell says - we will build for you players that will be physically able to do everything that you want them to do on game-day - in accordance with your tactical and technical requirements.

Call the office today to discuss further.


ASSA Coach

$165 per hour
  • Minimum 2 hours on-site. (2 teams).

Ranell Team Coaching

$275 per hour
  • May require travelling costs if applicable.

Associated Administration by Ranell

$132 per hour
  • Specific athlete/club program writing or additonal duties not covered by face-to-face sessions.

“It was great to meet you guys. Please reiterate to Ranell that I received some great feedback on the session, and that the department really enjoyed and took a lot from the workshop.”

Will Abbot

Brighton Hove Albion FC Academy

“I really enjoyed having you visit – the work is being implemented and sparked excellent discussions within the team which is great news for me.”

Alek Gross

Southampton FC Head of Academy.

“Ranell is an expert in speed”

Des Ryan

Arsenal FC Academy Head of Athletic Development

“Ranell’s knowledge & application is phenomenal”

James Baker

Aspire Academy Qatar, Formerly ProFormance Uk and ChildtoChampion UK conference convenor.

Ranell at Melbourne City FC Australia, September 2018


8 Weeks to Speed

ASSA 8 Weeks to Speed – Transform Yourself !

”Specially condensed and intense 8 week program for pre-season and time poor players. For ages 13+ only.
Designed for maximum results in minimum time. Its the Ranell way !

ASSA’s special 8 week intense and condensed Speed and Agility program.

Remarkable changes in just a few months.

Transform your game in the off-season and be a whole new athlete next time you play.

****** Online version now available to purchase. Including 2 warmups, 2 core and stretching components and 8 weeks of superb training plus over 1.8GBs of videos all for just $AUD54.95! Click below to be taken to the page…


When a player needs to put on speed quickly for an upcoming tournament or trial, we run them through an intense, condensed ASSA Speed Program.

This is Ranell’s specially written program for all athletes and sports players aged 13+ – designed to teach you the skills of how to run properly plus the technical skills required for explosive on field speed and change of direction as quickly as possible.

Acceleration, linear speed, change of direction, braking and landing are all covered in this spectacular program.


3 Hour Coaches Workshop

ASSA Workshop – 3 hours Theory & Practical for only $99

“Very professional and smooth. A relaxed environment which enabled visual and verbal learning. From a professional standpoint I am amazed at how much I learned from Ranell. Excellent teaching methods and exceptional information/demonstrations.”
Gary Raffety, Head of Strength and Conditioning, Dunbar Rovers FC”

Workshop - "Speed Mechanics to Maximise Player Performance" - 90 minutes theory and 90 minutes practical application. Excellent workshop for time-poor coaches and organisations.

webinar title page
webinar picture 2

Ranell Hobson has presented Speed and Mobility Mechanics coaching workshops to some of the biggest Youth Academies on the planet with outstanding success and is now home in Australia for a short time.

She is an award winning presenter, teacher, educator and coach, as well as a world record holding track sprinter. She has a passion for long term youth development and achievement of their maximum athletic potential.

As one coach has commented – “If you have the chance to attend one of Ranell’s speed coaching workshops – DO NOT MISS IT !”.

Ranell has presented to Presidents of sporting associations, Physios and Coaches of European Football Clubs, National coaches of sporting teams, past and present players from the highest level of their specific sports, and parents looking for an edge for their athletes whether elite or otherwise.

We hope to see you at one of these presentations and guarantee that you will be impressed with take-home skills and drills that will help you train your athletes to a higher level of sports performance.

Recent Feedback

  • “I recommend this workshop to any coach”
    Dr Craig Duncan, ESSA Sports Scientist of the Year 2015; FFA and Australian Socceroos High Performance Coach Asian Cup 2015

  • “A great workshop”
    Des Ryan, Head of Sports Science, Arsenal FC Youth Academy

  • “Ranell is at the forefront of youth sports development in Australia”
    Gary Raffety, Head Physiologist, Australian Youth Football Institute

  • “If you ever have the opportunity to attend one of Ranell’s speed workshops do not miss it” Jack Pullin, Manchester City FC Academy

  • “Fantastic workshop, great passion, brilliant knowledge”
    Phil Greenwood, Head of Sport Science, Tranmere Rovers FC

  • “Fantastic presentation thank you; Best presenter I have had at these courses; Awesome energy; Sensational – well presented; Would love to do other courses by Ranell.” Various attendees at recent Athlete Recovery course.

Everything You Need to Build Explosive Speed 1 Day Course $385

Ranell's finest work !!!

Contact the Office on 02 8310 9946 to organise this Exceptional course for your club or organisation on-site at your place.

“Great opportunity for coaches to learn from one of the best.”
– Selwyn Griffith, Osteopath and Strength and Conditioning Coach Brisbane Lions FC and QSMC.


The Ultimate 1 Day Guide to Understanding and Implementing a safe and structured Speed Coaching Program in Australia

ASSA – Ranell Hobson’s Everything You Need to Build Explosive Speed Course – Excellence in Creating Exceptional Learning Environments.

ASSA is now presenting our international Everything You Need to Build Explosive Speed Course in Australia. Cost is $385 (incl GST). For details please contact

We can also hold this course at your club or organisation in a closed setting for your coaches and members. Contact Kip directly at to discuss.

Sport Speed presenter Ranell Hobson will take you through leading technical drills to maximise performance in straight line & multidirectional speed. These drills & combinations can be applied to any field or court based sport to unlock the true athletic potential of your players. You will also gain an understanding of the science foundations behind explosive speed; how to maximise every players potential & keep them injury free.

You will also learn how to identify & correct inefficient speed & movement mechanics in your players that will reduce their risk of injury & increase their on-field efficiency.

Course modules include:

Speed Coaching

Linear Speed

COD and Agility

Building Physical Qualities


There are also 2 practical sessions (with emphasis on Dynamic Warmup techniques) comprising:

Linear Speed
Multidirectional Speed


This is a full day course that will provide you with skills and drills that you can implement into your current training and coaching programs immediately.


“I attended Ranell’s Speed Coaching course one Saturday. The very next Tuesday at training I saw a 16 year old player running and noticed his strange gait and strapped knee. Upon speaking to the parent I was told that he had suffered from knee pain for the past 18 months and they had strapped it before every training session and game since then. Thanks to skills learnt on the course I was able to identify that the issue was in the boy’s hips and not his knee. The very next day his parents got his hips checked and they were found to be restricted but easily fixed. That weekend he played without strapping and without pain for the very first time in a long time. Had I not been able to identify the correct cause of the boy’s running issues and offer useful advice, he wouldn’t have been able to play.
I can’t recommend this course highly enough to any coaches of youth sport. If you only take away 5% of the knowledge from the day to apply to your team, then you will consider it a day very well spent indeed.”

Darren Graham
Director and Coaching Education Manager BDSFA
Director and U16’s Asst Coach Blacktown Spartans Football Club


“Just wanted to say thanks for the great course on the weekend. I certainly learned a lot and it was a great mix of practical and theory. I have attended uni (sport and exercise degree) and other coaching courses and workshops and I have to say that was one of the best I’ve been to. You guys are obviously very passionate about and knowledgeable in the areas of physical preparation and LTAD of youth athletes. It was great to meet you both.”

Mitchell Cain
Head of Strength and Conditioning
Parramatta Rugby

“Up like a salmon!
Today I was on the ASSA – Academy of Sport Speed and Agility speed and agility course for coaches and athletes at Platt Lane facility, and it was amazing!
A great insight into the mechanics of improving sprinting speed and sharpness of agility, alongside explosive power techniques. Learnt so much in a single day!
This can be applied to a variety of sports, so if you think you need help gaining that extra couple of yards, or improving top speed, then contact me!
Thanks to the guys from ASSA! Great day, great course! I highly recommend this course to anyone that is involved with sports coaching or the fitness industry. If you ever see a course pop up in the UK, get booked on!”
Jack Pullin,
Ex Manchester City Academy Coach

Learning Outcomes

  • How to quickly assess an athlete’s current mechanical efficiency in maximising speed

  • How to identify weaknesses that contribute to a lack of speed on the court or field

  • Perfect technique for both acceleration and speed

  • Perfect technique for multidirectional and COD speed

  • How to identify and correct running faults that unchecked could lead to long-term chronic injury


“Was a great day. Sound principles and great application in team sports!” 

Lachlan Wilmot

GWS Giants, Parramatte Eels, Athletes Authority Owner

“I just wanted to send a personal email to you both as a thank you and a message of recognition as to how impressed I was with the course content and the teaching methods used throughout the course. Not only has my knowledge broadened in a field I was a little blurry about but I have gained a new interest in speed training for both myself and my athletes. Again, I can’t commend ASSA highly enough for the knowledge provided to those attending the course. Excellent.” 

Gary Raffety

Seniors Coaching Director/ Head of Sport Science Australian Youth Football Institute 2013-

“Very good course. Lovely to have a lecturer who is very enthusiastic about speed. Very enjoyable course with good content.”

Matthew Williams

South Sydney NRL / Athletics / Rugby Union

“Great delivery of information, clearly passionate about the content. Made the learning easier. Obviously very skilled in the drills as well which made the demonstrations easy to understand.” 

Darren Coughlan

NFL, Rugby League/Union, Crossfit games

“Great balance of theory and practical. Completely changed my view on proper running mechanics. Excellent day, loved your passion. Keep up the good work.” 

James Tatham

Rugby Union Strength & Conditioning Waratahs.

“Excellent content, presentation and coaching. Thank you.”

Tom Tombleson

Strength & Conditioning Coach England Rugby Union Team and previously NSW Waratahs.

Distance Video Assessments

ASSA At-A-Distance Video Assessments

A perfect way to have Ranell fully assess your athlete/player from anywhere in the world and receive feedback, real solutions and specific do-it-yourself programs to avoid injury & increase performance.

Why Video Assessments Work

Video the athlete according to the ASSA assessment video guidelines and Ranell will fully assess their current mechanics, identify any weaknesses or inefficiencies and provide valuable insight into correcting the technique.

Specific stretching programs will also be provided if deemed necessary.

This is an excellent way for an athlete to have a world-class speed and movement mechanics coach look at how they are running and provide expert feedback and real solutions for $AUD198.

  • Perfect for national and international sports players to be assessed by ASSA without the travel requirement

  • Expert assessment of your athlete

  • Strategised stretching programs where needed

  • Real explanations as to current movement technique

Pricing Guide & FAQ's

ASSA Training Programs Pricing Guide (all pricing includes GST)

Individual / Small Groups per 60 minute session

$99 1-on-1

$66 1-on-2

$49 1-on-3

$38 1-on-4

*($99 Family max. 3)

Team Training incl GST – per 60 minutes of coaching

15 players max. Pricing is based on time and not numbers of players attending.

Pricing may alter depending on location if excessive travelling is involved.

Individual Speed Mechanics Assessment Performed by ASSA Training Director Ranell Hobson

Qualitative Analysis Checklist of your current speed and change of direction mechanic

Home stretching and strengthening programs THAT WORK ! based upon Ranell’s findings

1 hour duration

Held at Blacktown International Sportspark

Additional Products

A 1 hour session with Training Director Ranell Hobson

Introductory session focussing on Sprint and Change of Direction mechanics

Maximising your increase in performance in the shortest amount of time.

Video Assessment from a Distance - Perfect for athletes anywhere in the world

Expert video assessment of your athlete

Explanations of current movement technique

Strategised stretching programs where needed

Self-Directed Programs for Sale - Home based sprint programs designed for those that can’t travel to sessions

All written by Ranell

Includes full dynamic warmups and stretches for cool down and video links to all exercises

Full pre-season 10 week programs that cover – Repeat Sprintability, Linear Speed and Football Technical Speed.

Click the button above to take a look.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How old do you take accept players/athletes ?

Research has shown that mechanics training is best retained once the age of 9 is reached. As such we only take new applicants into the Academy once they have attained this age.
We also have to ensure that the player is coming to us fresh and ready to train.

We will not train anyone who is already experiencing fatigue from a full program elsewhere.

Whats sports do your programs cover ?

All field and court based sports. Most popular within our sessions are footballers (soccer), netball, rugby, tennis and AFL players. We have worked with and been hugely successful with badminton, baseball, basketball and gymnasts (sprint to vault) as well as track athletes (sprinters and long jumpers).

How long are the sessions ?

The sessions are held for a duration of 1 hour. All equipment is provided by the attending ASSA coach.

Where are they held?

We try and minimise the travelling time and distance that parents have to endure in Sydney and so have numerous locations and timeslots for you to consider. Please visit the ASSA Coaches page under ‘About Us’ for specific training locations and the respective contact number. If you would like further information or have a specific short term goal then please contact the office on 0412 632 544 to discuss further.

How do I pay ?

An invoice will be sent to your nominated email address on the Monday morning of the week after your session, giving options of Paypal, Credit Card and BSB transfer. You will never need to bring cash to the training location as the coach is only looking for your son/daughter/team to train.

Prompt payment is expected.