We build players that dominate Gameday.

The ASSA training system has been designed for progressive athletic development in speed mechanics, acceleration and force production (strength) to make you run faster, for longer.

Based upon decades of experience and world-class research, we specialise in youth long term development for explosive sport speed and reduction in injury through perfect movement mechanics.

The programs are a huge success for all field and court based sports players aged 9 and above and are easily implemented into your pre or post season training plans.

The ability to rapidly and efficiently accelerate, decelerate and change direction is an essential element of success. Having the physical capacities required to maintain explosive speed (repeat sprint ability) to the final whistle will set you apart from your opposition. Contesting the ball, breaking away from your opponent and maintaining control at a fast pace are all attributed to athletic function and speed development. At the Academy of Sport Speed Australia we focus on perfecting these skills while dramatically increasing explosive strength and power.

ASSA provides world class athletic development coaching with a fully qualified ASSA coach conducting a structured coaching session for the athlete. The sessions are 60 minutes in duration and all necessary equipment will be provided by the ASSA coach. The program has been written to allow maximum progression and development over a 10 week block of training within the school term.

ALL PROGRAMS WRITTEN BY: ASSA Director of Training / Head Coach - Ranell Hobson


Ranell has run workshops for the coaches and physios at the following Youth Academies and First Teams:

  • Arsenal FC • Leicester FC • Crystal Palace FC • Wigan Athletic FC • Singapore National Football Team • Port Adelaide Power FC AFL • Adelaide Crows AFL (Minor Premiers 2018) • Melbourne City FC (A – League) • Southampton FC • Brighton and Hove Albion FC • Blacktown Spartans NPL1 • NSW Waratahs Rugby Union • And more….


  • Master Degree in High Performance Coaching UQLD
  • NSCA: CSCS Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach
  • ASCA: Aust. Strength & Cond. Pro Scheme Level 3 (Highest).
  • ATFCA: Level 3 (Sprints, Hurdles & Relays)
  • Bachelor’s degree Sport Science and Coaching
  • Over 25 years of coaching experience


Ranell is the Aust. S&C Assoc. 2019 Performance Development S&C Coach of the Year, she is also a world record holding athlete (4 x 100m) who holds multiple Oceania & National titles in sprint athletics in Masters Competition.

Ranell loves building players to achieve coaching goals and has over 25 years industry experience.

Ranell has been invited to run coach education workshops and courses in Europe, USA, Canada, Asia, Oceania and Australia-wide and is a Board Member of the Global LTAD Network online coaching hub.

She has presented at Conferences worldwide including :

  • Singapore Expro Convention 2019
  • Asian Fitness Conference 2019 (and 2020)
  • Australian Strength and Conditioning Association International Conference 2018 and 2019
  • Child to Champion Australian Conference 2020


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Private Training Face to Face and Online - $150 / session with Head Coach Ranell

PLEASE NOTE : Due to availability, Ranell can only accept new athletes aged 15+ and already performing at State representative level and above. There is currently a 3 month waiting list.

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Team Training


Game Specific Fitness Guaranteed - No wasted laps - No Junk Miles - but fully Research-based Programs designed to make you Fitter than ever before - Smarter not Harder !!!


ASSA Team/Club Pre-Season Coaching.

Working with Coaches to help Players achieve their Maximum Athletic Potential.

”An outstanding pre-season program….. “
Jason Eager, Technical Director Northern Tigers FC – NPL 1 and 2 Male and Female Soccer (Football)

Team Training Benefits

Training Director Ranell Hobson has written 6 - 8 - 10 and 12 week pre season speed and movement training programs that are ready right now to be implemented at your club by a fully qualified ASSA coach.

These programs are progressive in nature and will create a level of athleticism within your players that will greatly increase their on-field / on-court performances.

As Ranell says - we will build for you players that will be physically able to do everything that you want them to do on game-day - in accordance with your tactical and technical requirements.

Call the office today to discuss further.


  • Increase your player’s speed and acceleration.
  • Increase your player’s MOBILITY.
  • Increase your player’s robustness.
  • Increase your player’s running efficiency.
  • Increase your player’s confidence.
  • Increase your player’s athleticism.
  • Increase your player’s strength.
  • Increase your player’s elasticity.
  • 6 – 8 – 10 – 12 session programs ready right now!

ASSA Coach

$165 per hour
  • Minimum 2 hours on-site. (2 teams).
  • Plus $4 entry fee BISP per attendee per session

Ranell Team Coaching

$275 per hour
  • May require travelling costs if applicable.
  • Plus $4 entry fee BISP per attendee per session

Associated Administration by Ranell

$132 per hour
  • Specific athlete/club program writing or additonal duties not covered by face-to-face sessions.

Pricing Guide

ASSA Training Programs Pricing Guide (all pricing includes GST)



Team Training incl GST – per 60 minutes of coaching

15 players max. Pricing is based on time and not numbers of players attending.

Pricing may alter depending on location if excessive travelling is involved.



Individual Speed Mechanics Assessment Performed by ASSA Training Director Ranell Hobson

Qualitative Analysis Checklist of your current speed and change of direction mechanic

Home stretching and strengthening programs THAT WORK ! based upon Ranell’s findings

1 hour duration


Additional Products

Session with Training Director Ranell


A 1 hour session with Training Director Ranell Hobson

Introductory session focussing on Sprint and Change of Direction mechanics

Maximising your increase in performance in the shortest amount of time.

Video Assessment


Video Assessment from a Distance - Perfect for athletes anywhere in the world

Expert video assessment of your athlete

Explanations of current movement technique

Strategised stretching programs where needed

Pre-Season Athletics Sprint Training Program­­­

The pre-season athletics sprint training program is a crucial component in preparing sprinters for peak performance during the competitive season.

This specialized program focuses on developing technical proficiency, speed, speed endurance and power to enhance sprinting capabilities. Athletes engage in a variety of training drills and exercises tailored to improve acceleration, top-end speed, and overall sprinting mechanics. Workouts may include sprint drills, plyometrics, strength training, and technique refinement sessions to optimize performance.

The pre-season training period allows athletes to build a strong foundation, address weaknesses, and fine-tune their racing skills before entering competitive races. By following a structured pre-season athletics sprint training program, sprinters can increase their explosiveness, speed endurance, and efficiency on the track, ultimately leading to improved race times and better overall results.

This dedicated preparation during the pre-season sets the stage for success and helps athletes reach their full potential when it matters most during the competitive season.

You can find this program under the APP TRAINING PROGRAMS menu.