Coaching Speed and Agility for Netball

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Run Time 53:33

The game of Netball comprises of explosive short acceleration, vertical propulsion, catching, passing, defending and shooting.

Speed development for success in Netball is vastly different to that of a field sport player. You cannot train a netball player in speed the way you would a field sport player.

The court dimensions for Netball are approximately 30m x 15m and most players are restricted to an even smaller 20m x 15m playing area. Netballers never get out of short acceleration before decelerating, changing direction or engaging in ball skills.

The skills of short acceleration, deceleration, braking, changing direction, re-acceleration and manoeuvring are of vital importance whether creating space on the court, contesting a pass or blocking an opponent.

Getting speed skills right is paramount to success as sprint acceleration and multidirectional speed are a part of every play.

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