Mini Band Exercises

ASSA Mini Band Exercises

Use these exercise to increase hip and knee stability and decrease risk of injury (eg: ACL injuries).
These exercises are strongly recommended for youth athletes to assist in the development of pelvic girdle stability required in decelerating,
braking, re-accelerating and landing techniques. – Ranell Hobson, Director of Coaching, ASSA.

On The Spot Knee Drive

Isometric Hold (picture)

mini-isometric hold

3 Way Hip

Elvis Knees

Linear Knee Stability Walk

Lying Clams

Walking Clams

Linear Speed Drills Videos

ASSA Speed Drills

“Here are videos of our speed drills that will increase your on-field speed”
– Ranell Hobson, Director of Coaching, ASSA.

Updated Speed Drills 2019

Acceleration Wall Drill


Wall Slides Drill

Step Overs (Stride Cycle) Drills

Step Overs Advanced Progressions

A-Series with Progressions

A - Skips

Straight Leg Run

Acceleration Start Variations

Yoga and Dynamic Mobility

ASSA Yoga and Dynamic Mobility

“Here are videos of our Yoga and Dynamic Mobility programs that will increase fascial elasticity and all round length and mobility”
– Ranell Hobson, Director of Coaching, ASSA.

Sun Salutation

Inchworm to Spiderman

Glute Max, Glute Med, ITB/TFL

Cossacks/Mountain Climbers/Dynamic Calf

Morning Yoga Routine

Butterfly to Adductor Stretch

3 Way Hip Stretch

Hip Mobility and Movement Preparation

Down Dog to Plank

Medicine Ball Exercises

ASSA Medicine Ball Exercises

“Some of my favourite Medicine Ball exercises to increase your strength and stability for on-field excellence”
– Ranell Hobson, Director of Coaching, ASSA.

Plyo Lunges to Start Throw and Chase

Rapid Squats to Explosive Upward Throw 

Vertical Squat Jump and Throw

Stability Knee Drive

Overhead Throw to Turn and Chase

Alternating Start Leg Throws

Double Squat Jump to Throw

Vertical Squat Jump and Throw

Med Ball Sit Up to Stand Up

Glute Bridge Exercises

ASSA Glute Bridge Exercises

“Glute Bridge exercises / variations to increase your hip strength and stability for explosive horizontal thrust”
– Ranell Hobson, Director of Coaching, ASSA.

Glute Bridges with Isometric Hold

Walking Glute Bridges

Glute Bridge with Heel Walkouts

Donkey Kicks

Fire Hydrants

Core Exercises

ASSA Core Exercises

“The Core includes the shoulder girdle, pelvic girdle (hips) and everything in between (back and front). A strong Core is vital for athletic performance”
– Ranell Hobson, Director of Coaching, ASSA.

Dead Bug with Progressions

Sky Diver with Progressions


Multi-Directional Speed Exercises

Multi-Directional Speed Drills

“Multidirectional Speed requires athletic properties of Strength, Power, Mobility and Stability. Technical competency in Change of Direction tasks are required to position the body for appropriate muscle activation and force production to drive the athlete explosively toward their target. Athletes also require skill in defensive manoeuvrability and readiness tasks which enable constant adaptation within reactive unpredictable sporting environments.”
– Ranell Hobson, Director of Coaching, ASSA.

Side shuffle to Return Sprint

Base Position to Turn and Sprint


Defensive Slides

Drop Step 


Lateral Shuffles to Brake

Push up and Reverse Push up to Sprint

Reactive COD Patterning