Movement Prep / Pre-Training Routine Now Available – $38.50 - Do this before your training to achieve maximum results.

mini-isometric hold

This athlete Pre-Training Routine can be used by ANY athlete prior to training.

The routine has a focus on improving tissue quality, activating gluteal and core muscles and increasing the readiness of the back-line musculature for the Dynamic and Functional Warm Up to come.

The routine also contains exercises for those athletes struggling with a lack of lumbo-pelvic stability.

The Movement preparation and pre-training routine pack contains a 3 page instruction manual, a routine card to print and take to training and a video of the complete routine for athletes to follow.

The routine contains: Pressure Wave rolling, Dynamic Flexibility, Back Line Fascial release, Gluteal Activation, Lumbo-Pelvic Stability and Ankle Mobility Exercises to improve athlete function and performance.

Use the button to purchase now! Once done this program is yours for life.

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