• Mobility

  • Stability

  • Elasticity

  • Strength

  • Explosive Speed and Agility

  • Injury Resilience

  • Recovery

We are building the ATHLETE within the player. Ages 9+.


Coaches – whilst you work on developing the players within your team, ASSA will work on creating the athlete within your players.


ANNOUNCEMENT: We are in the process of training new ASSA coaches in the Sutherland Shire area!

Are you ready to learn the skills of how to run properly plus the technical skills required for explosive on-field speed?

If you live nearby and would be interested in ASSA Coaching, contact Kip: or call Deb in the ASSA office on 0412 632 544.
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Great day of coaching the new ASSA coaches that will be offering the ASSA Speed and Agility/COD training system in Canberra, Sutherland, Blacktown and Homebush in the next few weeks.

3 hours of solid practical with Ranell today to follow last weekends session and they will soon be at Ranell’s desired high standard of execution.

Places will be limited so for bookings please contact the office on 02 8310 9946.

The video shows #Hussainjamali working with #andrewlomu on one of our athlete’s ‘favourite’ drills - the #sklzaustralia recoil360 bungee assisted triple extension crawl.
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Beautiful surprise at morning netball training.#GWSFURY u20s/pathways teams celebrating Ranell’s recent national 60/100m Championships.

She is in there somewhere.....
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We work with coaches to maximise their team’s on-field performance.
As a coin needs 2 sides to be valuable, so also a player needs to be technically (you) and athletically (us) proficient in their chosen sport in order to achieve success.

ASSA Partners

Ready is all or nothing. We either are, or we aren’t. In the history of human endeavour, no man has ever achieved anything with almost. We are very passionate about what we do and work hard to supply the market with the right range of products to live an active, health lifestyle to benefit any individual who wants to be ready for their goals.


Gen-Tec Nutrition was founded in 1999 by Nick Jones who has devoted 21 years of his life to nutrition, health and the art of Bodybuilding. First and foremost, Nick Jones is a sports nutritionist whose goal is to improve quality of life and enhance performance through superior nutrition, exercise and specific supplementation.

Upcoming Open Public Events (Australia) :

June 20th, 2018 : Melbourne 1 Day Sport Speed for Coaches course, VIC. Melbourne City FC Academy, 2 Crissane Road, Bundoora VIC

June 23rd, 2018 : 2 hour Players Clinic. Genea Netball Centre, Sydney Olympic Park, NSW.

June 30th – July 1st, 2018 (tbc) : Newcastle weekend (clinics and workshops), NSW.

July 8th, 2018 : 1 Day Sport Speed for Coaches course, 1/9 Malland Street, 6154 Myaree, Perth, Western Australia

July 14th, 2018 : 2 hour Players Clinic. Genea Netball Centre, Sydney Olympic Park, NSW.

July 28th, 2018 : 3 hour Coaches Workshop (Speed Mechanics to Maximise Athlete Performance). Genea Centre, Netball HQ, Sydney Olympic Park, NSW.

All events have limited places available. Click here to be taken to the Upcoming Events page with further information and for easy access to the booking portal.

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For coaching locations and individual biographies >>>click here<<<.
For Pricing, Admin Information and Important Documents (Youth PARQ, Course Waivers etc) >>>click here.<<<

For all enquiries regarding Courses and Workshops please contact Kip directly at or on 0414 706 482.Or to contact the ASSA office to discuss any specific requirements that you have please call (02) 8310 9946

Or just sit back, relax and enjoy the information and videos. Don’t forget to checkout Ranell’s information on the Training Director page as well as all of our Programs in far greater detail under the Programs tab, including our Online offerings. There are also our recommendations of books, products, podcasts and people to follow, along with some coaching videos that you can use straight away for instant results.

Most importantly we hope you find something here that will help you be the very best that you can be in your chosen sport, whether playing for your national team or your local one. Our aim is for you to play the game you love for as long as possible at your highest level of performance.



RUN FASTER – Learn how to get off the mark explosively and leave your opponent clutching at air. Get to the ball first and show off your brilliant technical skills.

STAY FAST ALL GAME LONG – Learn how to run efficiently and maximise your in-game fuel tank by reducing energy leaks through perfect mechanics.

BECOME AGILE – Learn how to change direction in a split second and react to in-game dynamics instantly and explosively.

BE RESILIENT – Learn how to greatly reduce your risk of injury through proper running mechanics, recovery strategies and home stretching programs.

COACH SPEED – Upskill yourself as a coach or player and learn how to coach speed and movement to your individual clients, entire team, club or organisation.

Our Programs are suitable for ALL Field & Court-based Sports: Rugby League, Rugby Union, Soccer, AFL, Tennis, Basketball, Netball, Hockey, Athletics (Track), Cricket, Baseball etc. Ages 9+
We strongly suggest that, now you have found us, you follow our Facebook page by clicking here, or at the top right of this page, for coaching hints and tips, videos of current ASSA athletes in training and regular updates on our activities. It is our most regularly updated information sharing source.

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ASSA Coaching Director Ranell Hobson was recently asked to help prepare a young Liberian striker Emile Damey for possible National team selection by his coach Timothy Dakis. He flew to Sydney to have 1 session with Ranell comprising an assessment and introductory movement drills. At that time certain hip mobility issues were discovered and he was given programs that he could complete in his own time that would help to unlock these restrictions and give him an increase in his first step speed and change of direction.

He was chosen to make his debut for his country and scored a goal in his first match as shown in the video to the left.

An excellent story by FourFourTwo Australia magazine can be found by clicking here :

There is also the Video Assessment option for interstate and international sports players to consider. In this way, Ranell can accurately assess your speed and running mechanics via video and advise real solutions whilst providing the home training programs that will really WORK! Visit the page under the Programs tab above to commence the process.

Ranell has been asked to provide a full athletic preparation program for the GWS Fury Netball U20 and Open team squads in 2017.

The program covers all aspects of the training necessary for them to achieve their maximum athletic potential on the court and includes strength, fitness, speed, agility, change of direction, mindset, recovery and stability.

The video above is a talk that Ranell had with the girls regarding the importance of correct technique in the weights room, with a focus on the squat for starters, and then onto the progressions for the exercises she wants them to perform. It finishes with her discussing individual preparation and creating the athletic mindset that will help them stand out from the crowd.

It is an excellent video, full of useful information for all sports players and highly recommended for coaches and mature players alike.

In the video above, Ranell discusses the importance of training the full core for young sports players. She is assessing a talented young female footballer.

Having a strong core is a vital component for sporting success. Yet a lot of coaches and players don’t realise that the core is comprised of everything between the shoulder and hip girdle – front and back.

Don’t neglect what you can’t see but ensure that the back is given the same attention as the front. Or ask us and we can provide perfect programs to cover all of these needs in the least amount of time.

For all ASSA Courses and Workshops – Click Here to Book Your Seat Now

Regardless of the sport, the ability to rapidly and efficiently accelerate, decelerate, change direction and move a body segment or the entire body rapidly is a nearly universal and essential element of success. At the Academy of Sport Speed and Agility we focus on perfecting the explosive acceleration that gets you to the ball first, or allows you to hit the line at your maximum speed possible.

My specialised training programs and excellent team of coaches will get you running faster, for longer, through perfect speed and efficient movement mechanics.

We also offer a complete running mechanics diagnosis, and remedial programs, via video dropbox for national and international sports players. Get assessed and receive real solutions to your mechanics issues from anywhere in the world in the comfort of your own home to help you run faster. Visit the Video Assessments page for more information

My Sport Speed for Coaches course will teach coaches how to identify running faults that may lead to injury in their players and implement drills that will increase the team’s first step acceleration and lateral speed. Click here 1 Day Course Flyer to view a summary of this outstanding course.


Young players experiencing growth spurts and the pain associated with this, or older players with technique issues that are causing joint and structure pressure, will also benefit greatly from the ASSA program. Whether elite or otherwise, all players of sports where you need to run faster, or get to the ball first, or to a specific place on the court before your opponent,will find our program of immense value. Due to the nature of our training, we require our athletes to have a basis of functional movement skill and usually commence the program with athletes ages 9 and above.


The ASSA training system has been designed for progressive athletic development in speed mechanics, acceleration and force production (strength) to make you run faster, for longer. Based upon decades of experience and world-class research, we specialise in youth long term development for explosive sport speed and reduction in injury through perfect movement mechanics. The programs are a huge success for all field and court based sports players aged 9 and above.


Why Choose ASSA

  • Pure Speed Squads
  • Individual Group Training Ages 9+ (2-5 people max.)
  • Sports Team Training (Ages 9+ All Standards)
  • Schools Teams Training
  • Speed and Agility Theory and Practical 3-hour Clinics
  • Pre-Season Strength and Conditioning Periodised Planning
  • Coaches Sport Speed Coaching Courses and Workshops
  • At-A-Distance Video Running Mechanics Assessment Option
  • Recovery Sessions and Strategies Workshops
Further information on all of the above training options can be found under the “Programs” tab.

Ranell was recently a guest on the podcast for Effortless Swimming where she discusses “How to develop explosive speed for Swimmers and Triathletes”. Even if these are not your sports, the content-rich information may well transpose into your sport. A highly recommended listen. Listen Now

Ranell at Crystal Palace FC, England.

Historic Performance Picture

Ranell was just interviewed by Historic Performance in New York City for a podcast about running mechanics, acceleration, cueing for coaches and a host of other information that she happily shares. It has been getting excellent feedback worldwide. For access to the audio please click the button below : “ Listen Now Pacey performance podcast Ranell_Hobson run faster

Ranell was recently interviewed by the PaceyPerformance Podcast UK, a service for knowledge sharing by elite coaches from all over the world. Click below to be taken to the website and listen to her sharing coaching hints, tips and tricks for speed and COD excellence. Listen Now behind the game

*** Ranell was recently interviewed on “Behind the Game” podcast where she talks about Sprinting in Australian Football. Click below to be taken to the interview :

Listen Now

***The Importance of Posture for all Sports Players


See below for article by Ranell Hobson discussing the importance of players developing strength and mobility in their hips, a key attribute for physical performance in football.

1 Day Sport Speed for Coaches Course

Sport Speed for Coaches

1 Day Sport Speed for Coaches Course

Ranell will take you through leading technical drills to maximise performance in straight line & multidirectional speed.
You will also learn how to identify & correct inefficient speed & movement mechanics in your players that will reduce their risk of injury & increase their on-field efficiency and run faster.

Learn More

Training for Individuals and Small Groups


Training for Individuals and Small Groups

The ASSA training system has been designed for progressive athletic development in speed mechanics, acceleration and force production (strength) to make them run faster. Based upon decades of experience and world-class research and specialising in youth long term development for explosive sport speed and reduction in injury through perfect movement mechanics. For all field and court based sports players aged 9 and above.

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Training for Teams, Clubs and Groups of 10+ Players

Team Training

Training for Teams, Clubs and Groups of 10+ Players

More explosive speed is necessary to get to the ball first with separation from your opponent, sustain fewer injuries, or obtain greater endurance to finish the game stronger than your opposition. Improve your team’s ability to run faster, first step acceleration, rate of recovery from games and knowledge of game preparation through ASSA’s 8 and 12 week Speed and Agility programs.

Learn More
I recommend this course to any coach.
Dr Craig Duncan, ESSA Sport Scientist of the Year 2014
Really enjoyed your energy and passion for the subject. Also great to see a presenter able to ‘walk the walk’ and actively demonstrate. Really engaged each participant well and used examples in how each of us can relate them to their sports.
Matthew Said, Rugby and Football Coach, Exercise Physiologist AEP
I have no hesitation using ASSA for any players I work with from any sport as I know they will get faster for their activity.
Dr. Craig Duncan, High Performance Coach Socceroos Asian Cup 2015
My son Josh has been doing the ASSA program for the fourth week & I can see with my own eye how much speed he has put on. Josh is playing A-Div Oztag & in the last 2 games he has scored 4 tries when the teams total was 5. I would recommend this program to anyone that is serious about running fast.
Michael So, Rugby and Football Coach, Exercise Physiologist AEP
I had the pleasure of working with Ranell and Kip during pre season at the Central Coast Mariners. The expertise in sprinting techniques I learnt from Ranell and Kip were invaluable and I wish I had learnt these in my early years. The way they worked with the young players and older players was exceptional and i would highly recommend them to any sporting codes.
Nick Montgomery, Professional Footballer, Central Coast Mariners Vice Captain, Sheffield United FC United Kingdom
Call us Now (02) 8310 9946
To ensure each and every athlete can achieve their Maximum Athletic Potential.
To educate the program makers and coaches of athletes to ensure excellence of delivery and implementation of sport speed drills.
To inform all that Speed is a skill that can be improved through specific training
To remove energy leaks by removing inefficient mechanics
To increase the competitive life span of our athletes
To keep the athlete competing at their maximum athletic potential right to the final siren.

The video above is taken from an agility specific training session with recently turned 15 year old soccer player Steven Brcic. He has been training with Ranell for over a year now and is soon to head to Europe for entry trials at some of the biggest clubs on the planet.

Ranell at Arsenal FC, Leicester FC, Crystal Palace FC and Wigan Athletic FC, England.


In September 2015, Ranell was invited to attend the youth academies of these clubs and share knowledge with their coaches, physiotherapists and sport scientists. She was also able to present workshops on “Efficient Movement Mechanics for Maximum Athletic Performance” on-site which were very well received indeed. She also presents this workshop in Australia.

ASSA Clients: Youth Players, Coaches, and Teams

Call us Now ! (02) 8310 9946

“Please know we were very happy with ASSA and we are happy to recommend ASSA to any parent who is seeking specialist speed training for their child.”
Robert Sestan
“Hi guys, I just thought I should let you know that we found out last night that Lachlan made it through to regionals for his sprints. A huge effort considering he wouldn’t even have made it to the finals for zone before he started the program with ASSA. So thanks for your efforts.”
Brooke Casserley
“Our son Thomas started the ASSA Sprint and Agility program in August. We have been delighted with the progress he has made. His speed has improved considerably to the point where other parents within his Soccer team have made comment as how fast he is. At a recent youth league trial one of the comments made by the coach was how fast he is and he at one stage ran down a state sprinter which got the coaches attention and assisted in his selection in this team.
Daniel his coach has been excellent and Thomas has really responded to him, he has also been taking an interest in Thomas and asked him about his games and how he has been going at his trials and building great rapport between them.
We can highly recommend ASSA as professionally run and gets results, basically the improvement we were told to expect after his initial assessment has occurred and more.
Thanks Ranell, Kip, and Daniel.”
Steven (Surname withheld by request)
“My son Josh has been doing the ASSA program for the fourth week and I can see with my own eye how much speed he has put on. Josh is playing Oztag and in the A division for the off-season and in the last 2 games he has scored 4 tries when the teams total was 5. It just shows it was not just luck and I would recommend this program to anyone that is serious about running fast.”
Michael So (Son Joshua 16 yr old Rugby Union)
“Brodie (14) began at ASSA well over a year ago when he decided to concentrate all of his efforts into one sport – Rugby League. With a background in sprints he wanted to not only improve his explosive speed but also his agility as athletics is about running in a straight line. Rugby League requires not only speed but the ability to use that speed while changing direction. Training with Alex from ASSA he has seen a notable improvement in both and has recently achieved his goal of being selected in the Sydney Roosters Harold Matthews squad.”

Chaise (12) participates in a few sports but her passion is Netball. Her training with ASSA is designed around it being a smaller area than a field. She started training with Alex after being selected into the Representative Squad for Hawkesbury District Netball. She went on to make their 12 years State Age team and was named MVP after the 3 day Champiobships. She has now been selected into the 13 years State Age team for next year’s championships. Chaise starts high school next year and her main goal was to go to a sports high school for netball. She achieved this and will be attending the highly selective Westfield Sports High School.”

Melanie Vassallo (mother of Brodie and Chaise)
“Just a short note to thank both yourself and Carlo for the work you have done with Grace over the past few months. With the assistance of ASSA and the impact it has had on her fitness, confidence and determination, she has now been successful in selection in the Women’s State League soccer competition for next year. This has been an enjoyable and valuable experience for Grace who has learned a great deal about the value of good preparation in pursuing the goals that you set yourself in life and she looks forward to continuing her training.”
Tony Chambers
“My grandson 9 yrs is currently participating in your speed and agility program. I have Level 2 and awaiting my Level 3 coaching accreditation for sprints, hurdles and relays but I knew I would find it difficult coaching my grandson. He had some sprint issues that I was unable to resolve. The coaching he is receiving is excellent. The program is excellent as after a few months the improvement in my grandsons sprint mechanics is changing for the better… well done ASSA!
Lynn Van Putten (Grandson Ashton 9 yr old Soccer)
“Amir had the skills and the IQ for soccer, but there was still something missing. After working with you guys… he is finding it much easier to move on the field. I must say his play has definitely changed, doing your training. Your training has improved Amir’s performance on the field and thats a fact.”
Name withheld by request
“I would like to thank you both and Mori for the time and information we received from attending ASSA for the short time Manu was there. We still practice the stretches and strength training programme including the techniques Mori taught him to correct his running style. I would like to think this helped with him been successful in his re- trials at Blacktown City.”
Name withheld by request
“Just wanted to thank you for the progress you have made with Stephen. He had a game yesterday and a few of the parents commented on how fast he was… no parent knew about the fact that he has been doing sprint training. We
both noticed that he is getting quicker to the ball and is not letting players get away from him. He has developed lots
of confidence and self-belief also. I can’t wait to see how quick he will get to with continued training sessions. Thanks
for your awesome job! We told the parents it was thanks to about 6 sessions of sprint training and they were quite
amazed. Thanks again.”
Name withheld upon request