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Remote Private Coaching to Help You Achieve Your Goals.

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Due to COVID-19 new course date is Sunday August 2nd. Bookings still available.

Genea Speed Course May 2020

Ranell's Next Sydney Everything You Need to Build Explosive Speed Course just announced - Now Sunday August 2nd 2020 at Genea Netball Centre, Olympic Park.

Places limited and bookings being taken now. 16 places only available.



BREAKING NEWS - RANELL WINS ASCA PERFORMANCE DEVELOPMENT COACH OF THE YEAR - Ranell wins The Performance Development Coach of the Year at the Australian Strength and Conditioning Association (ASCA) International Conference Nov, 2019.

The Performance Development Coach of the Year Award aims to recognise the achievement of a coach working with emerging and young athletes / teams and is a peer-nominated award.

“Fantastic program which I highly recommend to all coaches who are serious about developing sub junior, junior and youth players in sport”.

Tim Dakis

Head Foundation Coach – FFA/FFV SAP Nunawading City Football Club, Technical Coaching Director Australian Schools of Football.

“I have no hesitation in using ASSA for any athlete that I work with as I know they will get faster because of their programs”.

Dr Craig Duncan,

ESSA Sports Scientist of the Year 2016, FFA Socceroos World Cup Head of Sports Science, NSW Rugby League State of Origin Sports Scientist.

“Can’t credit ASSA enough for the player development they have provided our programs across Netball from High Performance level right through to our district talent development. Well worth every minute.”

Heather Smith,

High Performance Manager GWS Fury. BCNA Netball Association.

“Ranell and the ASSA team are just incredible! We are lucky enough to be going into our third year with Ranell at GWS Fury and session by session she never ceases to amaze me with her dedication, encouragement and knowledge of Speed and Agility work.”

Lottie Richardson,

GWS Fury Open Netball Team.

"Ranell and the ASSA team provide the highest quality training and recovery techniques you could ever ask for! With every single session having an amazing, positive and supportive feel! I highly recommend!"

Mallorie Jansen,

GWS Fury Open Netball Player

"Ranell and the ASSA team are just incredible! We are lucky enough to be going into our third year with Ranell at GWS Fury and session by session she never ceases to amaze me with her dedication, encouragement and knowledge of Speed and Agility work. 
Don’t know what we would do without her!!! 

Megan OKeeffe,

GWS Fury Open Netball Player
Ranell Hobson
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Face-To-Face Sport Speed and Conditioning Training For Individuals, Groups and Teams :

Free Exercises and Training Drills

Right now you can access fantastic drills and exercises that will make you faster, stronger and more injury resilient than ever before.

Ranell has produced instructional videos that are free and easy to follow and they will improve your athleticism very quickly indeed.

These drills are grouped according to these pillars of training "

  • Mini-Band Exercises
  • Speed Mechanics Drills Exercises
  • Yoga and Dynamic Mobility (featuring her amazing 3.5 minute daily yoga routine that will transform your mobility for massive on-field performance gains.
  • Medicine Ball Exercises
  • Glute Bridge Exercises
  • Core Exercises (the whole core)
  • Multi-Directional Speed Exercises

You have every thing you need to be faster, stronger and more athletic than ever before.

Private Training

The ASSA training system has been designed for progressive athletic development in speed mechanics, acceleration and force production (strength) to make them run faster.

One hour once a week face-to-face with a fully qualified ASSA coach will completely transform your game. Book in for a 4 to 6 week block (invoiced weekly) to create a concrete foundation of beautiful movement from which you can launch your amazing technical skills.

Based upon decades of experience and world-class research and specialising in youth long term development for explosive sport speed and reduction in injury through perfect movement mechanics.

For all field and court based sports players aged 9 and above.

Costs : $99 per 1 on 1 session.

Sessions of one hour duration.

Due to COVID-19 group training is postponed

Group Speed and Conditioning Training Groups

More explosive speed is necessary to get to the ball first with separation from your opponent, sustain fewer injuries, or obtain greater endurance to finish the game stronger than your opposition.

Improve your team’s ability to run faster, first step acceleration, rate of recovery from games and knowledge of game preparation through ASSA’s 8 and 12 week Speed and Agility programs.

More often than not the lack of fitness that your team is displaying is because of the way they are running and nothing to do with 'not enough' running in pre-season.

Energy leaks through poor technique can rob the fittest players of all of their hard work and mobility issues (especially in the hips) can be the cause of little or no force being applied to the ground.

Cost : $308 for the 10 week Term (weekly sessions).

Education For Coaches, Parents and Mature-aged Athletes/Players :

Everything You need To Build Explosive Speed 1 Day Course - Sydney August 2nd 2020


Ranell will take you through leading technical drills to maximise performance in straight line & multidirectional speed.

You will also learn how to identify & correct inefficient speed & movement mechanics in your players that will reduce their risk of injury & increase their on-field efficiency and run faster.

This is a content rich course that will equip you with skills and drills that you can utilise in your programs immediately.

4 Hours of Theory and 4 Hours of Practical Application.

This is Ranell's premier course that she has presented worldwide to acclaim and now available for your club or organisation.

Accredited with ASCA, ACE and ESSA (pending).


Speed Mechanics to Maximise Player Performance. 2 hour Recorded Webinar

Sport speed presenter Ranell Hobson will educate you on physical and technical competencies to maximise performance in straight line and multidirectional speed.

These drills and combinations can be applied to unlock the true athletic potential of your players.

You will also gain an understanding of the science foundations behind explosive speed – how to maximise every players potential and keep them injury free.

This is a 2 hour webinar including videos and it is a summary of her acclaimed full 1 day course. Many people start here and then progress to the full course.


webinar picture 2

2 Hour Speed Coaches Workshop / Round-table Discussion

Imagine being able to have your coaching staff (coaches, physios and mature players) spend some time with a true speed and movement mechanics expert, discussing your specific needs and requirements, or getting her to look over your plans for speed training in the upcoming pre-season.

Perhaps your star player (s) are constantly suffering from non-contact injuries - hamstring strains, calf issues, quads etc. Perhaps the only pillar of performance missing is first-step acceleration or you want to see where and how to plan your speed sessions into your training cycles for maximum benefit.

This is a great option for your organisation to consider in that Ranell will travel to your club and consult to your staff, adding her skillset to yours for the benefit of the team.

Price on Application.



Sydney ( Alexandria, Homebush, Rouse Hill, Camden)

Melbourne (Moonee Ponds) - New - Book Now !

Adelaide (West Beach and Ellis Park)

Private training (1 on 1) - $99* per session 


The perfect choice for athletes wanting individualised training sessions where the ASSA Coach can provide one on one attention to let you hit your goals faster.

In private sessions ASSA Coaches can individualise training to target your weaknesses and enhance your strengths.

Private training is the perfect choice for the athlete with complex schedules and higher training demands.


  • *Plus $4 entry fee at the BISP athletics track per attendee per session

Speed Assessments with Ranell - Unearth Completely New Performance Levels

Home Image 1

You can also book a speed mechanics assessment with Ranell.

These cost $150 and are for one hour duration.

You will receive a written report on the issues identified and later an email with home programs to alleviate these issues.

This is an excellent session and can be booked by contacting



Coaches – whilst you work on developing the players within your team, ASSA will work on creating the athlete within your players.

Incorporate a one hour once a week progressive speed and movement session into your weekly training plan and watch your players evolve.

Head to the Sports Teams Training page under the Training tab at the top of this page for further information.

" I am in service to your coaches build the athleticism within you girls so that you can do everything that these fabulous coaches need you to do on the court".

Here is the video of Ranell's speech to the GWS Fury Netball teams (Opens, U23 and Pathways) at the induction meeting for season 2019.


ASSA Partners

ASSA Athletes Perform Better

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Ranell is the Athletic Development Coach (speed, strength and conditioning) for the GWS Fury Netball Franchise - Open, U20, BCNA Metro 1 (Baulkham Hills) and Metro 2 (Blacktown City) team squads.

The program covers all aspects of the training necessary for them to achieve their maximum athletic potential on the court and includes strength, fitness, speed, agility, change of direction, mindset, recovery and stability.

In 2019 these teams had their best season in organisation history as follows :

Opens - 3rd place and first finals campaign and first finals game win.

U23's - Minor Premiers and subsequently Grand Final winners (Record 15-1).

Metro 1 (Baulkham Hills) - 5th place.

Metro 2 (Blacktown City Netball Association) - Minor Premiers and Grand Final runners/up.

“Very professional and smooth. A relaxed course which enabled visual and verbal learning. From a professional standpoint I am amazed at how much I learned from this course. Excellent teaching methods and exceptional information/demonstrations.”

Gary Raffety, Head of Exercise Physiology at the Australian Elite Youth Soccer Institute”

“Great course today from @ASSA_Australia, excellent content and discussions, @SpeedyRanell passionate presenter, recommend to any S and C.”

Matthew Said, Bach App Sci (Ex&Sp Sci), ESSAM, AEP – League and Tennis Coach.

“Had a great weekend and would highly recommend the course to anyone I speak to”

Nikki Lodge, AEP, Exercise Physiologist at Sydney West Sports Medicine.

“I had the pleasure of working with Ranell and Kip during pre season at the Central Coast Mariners. even in my senior years as a professional footballer I am always trying to improve myself. The expertise in sprinting techniques I learnt from Ranell and Kip were invaluable and I wish I had learnt these in my early years. The way they worked with the young players and older players was exceptional and i would highly recommend them to any sporting codes.”

Nick Montgomery, Professional Footballer, CC Mariners Midfielder, Sheffield United FC UK.

“I have no hesitation using @ASSA_Australia for any players I work with from any sport as I know they will get faster for their activity”

Dr Craig Duncan, ESSA Sport Scientist of the Year 2014, NSW State of Origin League, Socceroos Asian Cup 2015, NRL Bulldogs, WSW Wanderers, ACU Senior Lecturer.

“When you look in the dictionary for sprint mechanics you see a picture of Ranell…great to watch…”

Christopher Brack, State and National Masters Multiple Champion Athlete. Sprints Coach.