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Sport speed and agility training Program

Our sport speed and agility training programsare designed to enhance athletic performance by focusing on speed, agility, and athletic development. Whether it’s for professional athletes or individuals looking to improve their sports specific athletic abilities, our programs offerspecialized training to boost speed quickness and agility. In Sydney, our face to facespeed and agility training programs cater to all athletes, providing them with the skills and techniques necessary for success in various sports. Our in-house app allows for players from all over the world to access Ranell’s decades of coaching expertise via her easy to follow sports specific training programs. By incorporating targeted exercises and expert coaching, participants can develop their speed, agility, strength and power, ultimately improving their overall athletic capabilities and performance on the field or court.

Dynamic 8 -12 Week Speed and Agility Training Sport Specific App Programs

Embark on our intensive 8, 10 or 12 week speed and agility training programs designed to enhance your athletic performance. These sport speed and agility training programscater to individuals and teams seeking to improve their speed and overall athletic development and are accessed via our specialised app so you can train in your own time and place.

Whether you’re a youth sports player in Sydney looking to boost your performance or a runner aiming to enhance your running speed, our structured programs offer targeted workouts for optimal results. Netball, AFL, Football (Soccer), Rugby, Running and Baseball.

Running Speed Training Programs

The online running speed training programs focus on enhancing sprint performance and efficiency for running sport athletes.This specialized regimen in Sydney aims to improve speed technique, Agility, Running efficiency and overall athletic development.

Whether part of one of our broader speed and agility training programs or a stand alone offering, this program caters to individuals seeking to boost their running performance. Programs available include Repeat SprintAbility, Acceleration and Explosive Speed featuring weekly easy to follow training sessions.

Strength and Conditioning Programs Online

The app deliveredstrength training programs focus on enhancing your athletic performance through specialized techniques and programming. This program integrates sport-specific strength training, off-season / pre-season conditioning, and elite performance strategies. With programs written by one of the highest accredited (ASCA L3) and world respected strength and conditioning coaches, athletes, including women, benefit from tailored strength training programs designed to optimize speed, agility and overall capabilities for peak performance.

Head Coach Ranell Hobson is a regular presenter at the annual ASCA International Conference on Strength and Conditioning as well as a ‘returning favourite’ at the Asian Fitness Conference. She also travels the world presenting sprint and running workshops and clinics on sport specific athletic development.

Private Strength and Conditioning Coach Sydney and Worldwide (App based programs)

In Sydney and Worldwide via our specialised app. Having access to a private strength and conditioning coach offers personalized guidance and tailored programs to individual sports players. Players who are seeking optimal fitness results for their specific sports requirements. Ranell, being an ASCA Elite L3 strength and conditioning coach with over 30 years of experience, has worked at the highest levels of sport. Ranell specializes in designing off-season and pre-season strength and conditioning programs that cater to the unique needs of each player’s sports, whether team based or individual, to produce optimal results in competition.

Specifically, for women or girls playing sport at a high level, private coaching provides targeted strength training programs to enhance overall fitness and performance. Whether it's elite performance training or specialized strength programs, having a private coach ensures individualized attention and customized workouts that focus on improving strength, endurance, and injury resilience whilst incorporating time and location constraints.

Sports Specific Strength and Conditioning Programs

The strength and conditioning program isa comprehensive approach to athlete development, catering to each sport’s diverse needs. Athletes can benefit from specializedstrength and conditioning programs designed to enhance performance and prevent injuries. Specifically, tailored strength training for women focuses on empowering female athletes with targeted exercises to build strength, game conditioning and injury resilience.

Elite performance and strength training programs provide personalized coaching to optimize athletic abilities. Whether for professional athletes or fitness enthusiasts, the strength and conditioning program aims to improve overall fitness, agility, and strength for individuals at every level of athleticism.

Netball Explosive Speed, Elevation and Change of Direction training

In Sydney and Worldwide via our app coaching system (RAPP Netball),the training programs focus on enhancing athletic performance for the netball player from youth to elite, including national team members. We also offer the 8 weeks Netball specific Level 1 and 2 Speed programs on the app for those with a limited timeframe as well as a 4 week on court fitness condtioning blast.

These specialized programs offer progressive coaching sessions to optimize explosive off the mark speed, elevation and change of direction technique. There are also opportunities for face-to-face sessions with Ranell for teams and individuals to truly take your game to the next level.

These training regimens aim to improve athletic abilities through targeted and effective methods, ensuring netball players reach their full potential athletically on the court.

Track Sprint coaching sessions

Head Coach Ranell Hobson has competed in Masters Track World Championships all over the world and won silver and bronze medals in the 60m sprint events as well as numerous Australian championships and other international meets with multiple gold medals and records achieved.

She knows what is needed for you to be a powerhouse on the track, especially in the sprint events (100/200m). Specialising in coaching sprint mechanics, she has many coaches sending their athletes to her for face-to-face sessions to perfect their running technique before returning to their respective athletics training squads. A former World Record holder in the 4 x 100m relay Australian W35 team, she provides expert coaching to ensure your maximum athletic potential is achieved.

All Field and Court Based Sports Coaching

In Sydney, the sports specific face-to-face training program focuses on enhancing athletic performance through specialized drills and instruction. Our program integrates sport-specific strength training, conditioning, and elite performance strategies.

Players of all field and court based sports will benefit from these tailored athletic development training programs as they are designed to optimize speed, agility and overall capabilities for peak performance.

Any sport that requires first step explosive speed to get away from a direct opponent, to jump high and land safely, to move up to a 360 degree direction quickly and efficiently or to repeatedly sprint for the duration of a game will greatly benefit from our programs.

Athletic Performance Sport Specific Face to Face Training Sessions Sydney

Athletic performance face to face sessions inWestern Sydney offer a comprehensive approach to enhancing physical capabilities and achieving peak performance levels. These programsare designed to optimize strength, speed endurance, agility, and mental resilience for athletes across various sports disciplines.

By focusing on personalized coaching, cutting-edge sports science, and tailored specific training regimens, individuals can unlock their full athletic potential and excel in their chosen sports. With a commitment to professional guidance and proven results, these highly sought after and limited place sessions provide athletes in Western Sydney with the tools and support needed to elevate their on court, on field or on track performance to new heights.


Why Choose Us?

  • Specialized Sports Speed and Agility Coaching Sessions in Sydney: Offering face to face tailored programs to enhance your athletic skills and performance for your specific sport’s requirements.
  • Personal Strength Coach Online: Access to dedicated online programs for personalized strength, power, conditioning and injury resilience guidance and support.
  • Online APP Based Complete Sports Specific Training Systems: For individuals to complete in their own time, and for coaches looking for an athletic edge for their players.A program that is easy to follow and deliver to your players.
  • Webinars and Courses Educational Offerings:Special presentations or full courses on athletic development. Designed for coaches and players, to enhance knowledge and skills. Created and delivered by one of the best coaches and educators.These are yours to keep and refer to for life.
  • Comprehensive Approach: Providing a holistic training experience combining expertise, convenience, and personalized attention for optimal results in athletic development for your specific’s sports needs by a world class accredited (NSCA,ASCA Elite L3,ATFCA,M.Sp.Coach) and highly respected coach.


Created by the 2019 ASCA Performance Development Coach of the Year -

Ranell Hobson


- An international reputation for coaching excellence that grows every day.


  • 25+ years coaching experience
  • UQLD Masters Degree Sports Coaching (High Performance)
  • Bachelor Arts Double Degree Sports Science and Coaching
  • ASCA L3 ELite and NSCA CSCS member
  • World Record holder Masters Sprint Athletics
  • Multiple National and International Champion Masters Sprinter - World Championship multiple medalist
  • International Multiple Conference Presenter as a Speed Strength and Conditioning expert.
  • Consulted to NRL, AFL, A League, Netball, Baseball and various State Sporting groups.
  • Successfully worked with International teams and individuals, Olympic Gold-medallists and National champions, Grass-root sports organisations and tomorrow's superstars.
  • The Complete Coaching Package.

Ranell is also an Advisory Board Member of the LTAD Network based in Dubai.


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A World Class LTAD Environment Created by an Internationally Acclaimed Presenter, Athlete and Coach

"Ranell is a genius"

-Jason Pospishil, Baseball NSW State Operations Manager, Sydney Bluesox Operations Manager.

"Ranell is a true expert in speed"

-Des Ryan, Head of Sports Science and Performance, Arsenal Academy FC North London

"Can't credit Ranell and the team at ASSA enough for their work with our netballers - well worth every cent"

-Heather Smith, High Performance Manager GWS Fury Premier League netball franchise and associations

"“I had the pleasure of working with Ranell during pre season at the Central Coast Mariners. even in my senior years as a professional footballer I am always trying to improve myself. The expertise in sprinting techniques I learnt from Ranell were invaluable and I wish I had learnt these in my early years. The way they worked with the young players and older players was exceptional and i would highly recommend them to any sporting codes.”

-Nick Montgomery, Professional Footballer and Head Coach CC Mariners A-League.

“I have no hesitation using @ASSA_Australia for any players I work with from any sport as I know they will get faster for their activity”

-Dr Craig Duncan, Iran Football Asian Cup 2019, UAE Football Olympics 2021, ESSA Sport Scientist of the Year 2014, NSW State of Origin League, Socceroos Asian Cup 2015 winners, NRL Bulldogs, WSW Wanderers, ACU Senior Lecturer.

"I recently purchased the 8 weeks to speed program and WOW…. So happy with it. 

My teenage son has noticeably improved and we can see the benefits already..

Awesome. "

  • Adrian, father of 15 year old AFL Player.

 "I highly recommend the zoom sessions and the netball program, it has definitely added another level to trainings"

- Renae, mother of 13 yr old netballer

"Thank you so much for that. LOVED IT ! " 

  • Mackenzie.

 "Thank you that was so good !!!!"

- Lauren

 "Such an amazing talk!"

- Nancy

 "Very beneficial"

- Monique

 "Very interesting and practical things we can all be doing. We want to give you girls the best opportunity to continue to improve"

- Coach Mitchell

"Ranell is a very knowledgeable expert with obviously tremendous experience as a teacher/educator. Every module is clear and has video theory, reading material and additional practical videos. The tests are challenging enough without being impossible. This is a course that can suit new fitness professionals as well as very advanced more specialised coaches."

-Emilie Tan, FIT Asia

 "I would highly recommend this online course to any team sports coaches. Nicely done by one of the experts in this field."

- Coach Martin Lau

"Great Coaching, positive environment and extremely knowledgeable staff. Can’t recommend highly enough."

-Michael Ishymov, CERT Global Shanghai

"Fantastic, Loving it all. So full of great information and coaching tips - I can't wait to see my netballers tonight for their next session so I can try some of it out"

-Kirsty, u12s netball coach.

"Really enjoyed my time with this course. Incredibly valuable and I'm already using the information with my clients and they're loving it."

-Coach Mo Fitness, Hong Kong.

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