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Webinars, Courses and Face-to-Face Educational Events

A World Class Educational Environment Created by an Internationally Acclaimed Presenter and Athlete.


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Short in time but full of content, these are excellent for those who don't have a lot of time to spend in front of the screen but want to learn tried and true tips from Ranell as quickly as possible.

  • "Wow - learning so much and really enjoying it too" - Kirsten, Netball coach.

Currently Available :

  • Speed Mechanics to Maximize Player Performance
  • Netball Speed and Agility Coaching
  • Athletic Nutrition
  • NEW !!! Conditioning for Field Sports Athletes (and anyone wanting to get fitter/faster)


Online Courses


Full courses with content that will last a lifetime, these are brilliantly authored to completely cover everything you could ever want to know about the topic. Certified and accredited by governing bodies worldwide, you will love Ranell's delivery and passion for sharing her knowledge with you.


  • "Outstanding course delivered by a true speed expert" - Coach Mo, Hong Kong.

Currently Available :

• Coaching Explosive Speed Online Course

Face to Face or Online Events

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All of Ranell's webinars and courses are available for you to experience in the surroundings of your club's facility , school gymnasium or local training centre. She is often travelling worldwide to deliver the theory and practical components and the content can be tailored to individual sports needs. There is no experience like a face-to-face Ranell educational event on the planet.

NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE - Get your coaches and team together for an hour with Ranell that everyone will really enjoy !

  • "Thank you so much for that. LOVED IT !!!" - Mackenzie Rugby 7's player.



A World Class Educational Environment Created by an Internationally Acclaimed Presenter and Athlete.

Free Webinar - Menstrual Cycle Mapping (15:43)

Important Information for Coaches of Female Athletes/Players


When the video appears just head to the bottom right three vertical dots and click them to bring up the download option

NEW !!! - Conditioning for Field Sports Athletes (and anyone wanting to get fitter/faster)

Run Time : 32:05 minutes

This presentation is designed for coaches to gain an insight into the details of programming conditioning running sessions. When programming running it’s important to note that the variability across sports comes in the duration at which set velocities need to be held, the distances covered, and the amount of multidirectional patterning used during transitions.

Running in team sports, requires a mixture of the basic four velocities of jogging, running, accelerating and sprinting, it is in no way linear, it’s chaotic and it’s contextually specific ….. the coaching challenge is in training the appropriate proportions to produce the best energy capacities in the athletes. Most athletes need speed, RSA, Intermittent high intensity running ability, aerobic power and foundational endurance adaptations.

Even in high speed short acceleration sports, aerobic foundations are essential to train-  this is because as an athletes Aerobic capacity increases, so too does their overall work capacity and training tolerance.  It speeds recovery from anaerobically induced fatigue and it delays the onset of general training fatigue. Ranell will work through different types of running conditioning from sprints to Vo2 max, seasonal planning: where each mode of training should go and how to program them to maximise results.

Ranell has also Included One free training session for each mode of conditioning covered including:

  • Sprint Efforts
  • Repeat Sprint Running
  • Max Aerobic Speed
  • Extensive Tempo Training
  • Intensive Tempo Training
  • Fusion Training and
  • Short Burst Continuous



Speed Mechanics to Maximize Player Performance

Run Time : 1:40:12

Sport speed presenter Ranell Hobson will educate you on physical and technical competencies to maximise performance in straight line and multidirectional speed. These drills and combinations can be applied to unlock the true athletic potential of your players. You will also gain an understanding of the science foundations behind explosive speed – how to maximise every players potential and keep them injury free. This is a content rich workshop that will provide you with skills and drills that you can implement into your current training and coaching programs immediately. This is a condensed version of her full 1 day course and is fantastic for time-poor coaches wanting to learn the best tips as quickly as possible.




Coaching Speed and Agility for Netball

Run Time 53:33

The game of Netball comprises of explosive short acceleration, vertical propulsion, catching, passing, defending and shooting. Speed development for success in Netball is vastly different to that of a field sport player. You cannot train a netball player in speed the way you would a field sport player. The court dimensions for Netball are approximately 30m x 15m and most players are restricted to an even smaller 20m x 15m playing area. Netballers never get out of short acceleration before decelerating, changing direction or engaging in ball skills. The skills of short acceleration, deceleration, braking, changing direction, re-acceleration and manoeuvring are of vital importance whether creating space on the court, contesting a pass or blocking an opponent. Getting speed skills right is paramount to success as sprint acceleration and multidirectional speed are a part of every play.




Athletic Nutrition

Run Time 37:07

Each week in my face to face coaching I have the privilege of working with many young athletes who dedicate so much of their time to training the physicality and the technical skills of their sport but whose nutritional intake is letting them down. Poor choices or ill-informed advice causing fatigue and decreasing the positive performance outcomes they should be achieving from their hours of training.

I believe that the information contained in this presentation will benefit you immensely in maximising athletic adaptations and performance outcomes through sound athletic nutrition and more importantly being able to truly customise nutrient needs for specific training goals.




what you will learn

More Webinars Coming Soon :

• Coaching Speed and Agility for Baseball
• Athlete Recovery
• Coaching Speed and Agility for Football (Soccer)


Online Courses

A World Class Educational Environment Created by an Internationally Acclaimed Presenter and Athlete.

Coaching Explosive Speed Online Course - $AUD242.00

Full Courses Coming Soon :

• Programming for Speed
• Maximising Running Performance
• Strength Training For Speed

For any queries or questions please do not hesitate to contact


Ranell Hobson is the current ASCA Performance Development Coach of the Year for her work in developing youth sports players and has consulted and presented to Netball Clubs and Organisations all over the world. She is the current GWS Fury Athletic Development Coach, helping the U23s team to the Netball NSW Premier League Championship in 2019 with a 15-1 record. She has also consulted to NRL, AFL, A-League and Super15 Rugby teams as well as presenting workshops and courses all over the world, most notably at youth academies of EPL clubs Arsenal, Southampton, Leicester and Brighton. She started working with Baseball NSW HP unit last year and currently they have more sub 7 second 60 yard test results than at any time in their history. She has a Masters in SportsCoaching, Bachelor Sport Science and coaching, and is ASCA L2 PS and NSCA CSCS accredited. With over 30 years practical experience she is considered an expert in speed and movement coach education and a true master of her craft with an international reputation for excellence.

Our Skills & Expertise

Having been an athlete, coach and coach educator for over 25 years gives me the unique perspective of having applied my knowledge both on a personal and professional level. Through my courses and webinars I can pass on to you not just book smarts but more importantly what actually works in the real world of athletic development. Through my study and my real-world experience I have developed a strong expertise in all things running and speed development, programming to create strong physiological adaptations and build robust, technically proficient athletes. Let me help you cut through the nonsense and start maximising your athletes performance.

It is always a great honour (and so much fun) to present at conferences both here and overseas. I truly believe we all learn from each other and every event is one of sharing stories and developing strategies to make ourselves as coaches and trainers, and our athletes better.

A little better every day....

I am in a service industry and I am here to serve my clients, build your physical fitness competencies and your emotional confidence. Being recognized by my peers as an expert in my field ensures that, when you are attending one of my webinars or courses or in a face-to-face coaching session, you will always have the most up-to-date researched information and cutting edge techniques that I use myself in my own race preparation.

Ranell has worked in all parts of the world at organisations of all major sports - Football, Rugby, Netball, Baseball and Athletics.

A specialist in coach education delivering workshops and full day courses

Ranell is also a WR holding Masters track sprinter and regular Wold Championship medallist in the 60m sprint event.

Ranell is also the 2019/20 ASCA Peformance Development Coach of the Year for her work with developing youth athleticism.

Ranell travels the world presenting at conferences and conventions and is recognised as a true expert in the field of speed.

A Masters degree in Sport Coaching and Bachelor in Sport Science and Coaching, NSCA (CSCS), ASCA, ATFCA accredited.

NSCA (CSCS), ASCA, ATFCA accredited.

Ranell’s courses are accredited by the highest associations in the world: ACSA, ESSA, NSCA, ACE, NASM, AFAA. and are sold out worldwide


“I recommend this to any coach”

Dr Craig Duncan NSWRL State of Origin High Performance Coach 2015

“…worth every minute”

Heather Smith, High Performance Manager, GWS Fury Premier League Netball

“A great workshop”

Des Ryan, Head of Sports Science, Arsenal FC Youth Academy

“If you ever have the opportunity to attend one of Ranell’s speed workshops do not miss it”

Jack Pullin, Manchester City FC Academy

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