Performance Portal - APP based Online Programs - You can Reschedule and Repeat as needed within the program time period but your access does expire at the end of that (plus 2 weeks for weather/illness etc.)

Do I need to follow the APP program exactly - timewise

No - not at all !

There is a great option built in that allows you to reschedule any session within the app to whatever time or day suits you better.

You can also repeat any session if you really liked it, or weren't happy with your previous attempt.

The flexibility within the APP program is amazing.

With the APP - How many sessions should I be doing per week ?

Each day's training is fully mapped out for you on the APP. You can simply follow this exactly or reschedule to fit it into your availabilities.

Do we have access to the APP programs once the specified weeks are finished?

The APP programs are designed to be used over that period alone. This is date based and not completion based. So if it started on the 1st April then on the 1st June the access will be expired.

We do however add an extra 2 weeks to the access so a 6 week program is open to you for 8 weeks just to cover incidental matters such as weather or sickness.

What if I miss a week due to sickness or injury whilst on the 8 week APP program? Can I make the week up?

There is nothing to stop you from completing extra sessions within the suggested week period - so perhaps you want to do extra speed sessions in a week because you really enjoyed them ?

We do add an extra 2 weeks of access to every program to cover for these instances. So a 6 week program will have 8 weeks access built in and so on. Once the total weeks have expired then the programs are removed. 

You can however do or repeat as many of the individual programs that you like within that period.

Do I own the APP prgrams once I purchase it?

No - with the APP service you are purchasing access to the programs shown on there and all of the portability and ease of use of the platform.

Webinars and Courses - The Information is always there for you as needed.

Do I own the Webinar / Course once I purchase it?

Whilst we retain ownership of the content in all of our educational offerings, access to the information therein is yours for life. We hope that you refer to them regularly on your journey as coach or player.

So if you want to refer to a course component, or a portion of a webinar in the future then it's there for you.


Other Questions

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