Ranell's Training Programs via APP - Features - Desktop and/or IOS platforms

Transcript of video - How to use APP Features

How to Use the various features of the ASSA APP


When you open the App, It’s important to note the bottom section of the APP which has your access buttons.


The Dashboard is the summary screen. Lets start at the top, At the top of the screen is a chat box icon. If you click on this chat box you can send me a message at any time and I will reply to you as soon as I can. Also on this front screen you will see what sessions you have on today.


You can reschedule sessions off this screen or off your schedule screen. There is a separate video to show you how to do this.  If you scroll down a little further you can see your monthly progress. This highlights your overall completed sessions, how many sessions you have missed and how many sessions you have upcoming.


At the very bottom of the screen I am highlighted as your trainer and you can also use this chat box to send me a message.


The next button and screen to look at is the Schedule. When you click on the schedule screen you can see your session for the day. At the top of the screen you can see a toggle bar where you can switch between a day view and a weekly view of upcoming sessions.


The next button is the Programs Button. This allows you to see all your current training sessions. As you progress through the program more sessions will pop up in this screen. You can also use this screen to get started with a workout. Just click on the workout you want to do , view then click on the summary and press Start Workout to begin.


The next button along the bottom of the screen is your Guides Button. This is where you access any accompanying resources. If I have attached a PDF stretching sheet for you, this is where you will find it. You will also find Video Guides if they have been assigned to you.


The final button is your logbook. This is where you can track your results and view progress if you have added data along the way.


So that is a brief overview of the ASSA App. You can find more comprehensive video’s on using different features of the APP on our website as they are released. But any questions you have now can be answered via [email protected]

Rescheduling your APP Training Sessions - Desktop and/or IOS platforms

Transcript of video - How to Reschedule Sessions

Program Schedule & Rescheduling Sessions on your Mobile Device.


In this video I will show you how to access your programs and reschedule your sessions to suit your individual needs on your mobile ASSA App.


Using either your dashboard or your schedule page, click on the workout that you wish to reschedule. The session will pop up on your screen. Under the name of the session you will see its current scheduled day and time. Click on the Red Reschedule button.


You can now scroll through to the day and time you wish to move the session to.


Once you have your preferred day and time then click the Red Done button. Your session has now been rescheduled.


You can check this by clicking on your chosen day and seeing the session in its new allocated time slot.

Frequently Asked Questions :

Whats the difference between the APP based and Webpage based programs ?

The APP based programs are limited in time - so when you purchase an 8 week program you have access to it for 10 weeks only (8+2). The webpage programs are yours for life.

The difference of the APP based programs are in the delivery method on your preferred device (phone, tablet etc) - as the entire training program is already fully structured on a day and week basis, you are regularly reminded of the training session for that day as well as the ease of following a program with full video access on your screen for each and every session within a beautifully designed training APP environment. Plus it is for a defined time so you are further encouraged to complete the program.

The difference of the webpage programs are that they are cheaper and you have them for life. You have access to a password protected webpage with all of the drills and exercises structured for the sessions with video support for you to access via your browser as needed.


Do I need to follow the APP program exactly - timewise

No - not at all !

There is a great option built in that allows you to reschedule any session within the app to whatever time or day suits you better.

You can also repeat any session if you really liked it, or weren't happy with your previous attempt.

The flexibility within the APP program is amazing.

With the APP - How many sessions should I be doing per week ?

Each day's training is fully mapped out for you on the APP. You can simply follow this exactly or reschedule to fit it into your availabilities.

Do we have access to the APP programs once the specified weeks are finished?

The APP programs are designed to be used over that period alone. This is date based and not completion based. So if it started on the 1st April then on the 1st June the access will be expired.

We do however add an extra 2 weeks to the access so a 6 week program is open to you for 8 weeks just to cover incidental matters such as weather or sickness.

What if I miss a week due to sickness or injury whilst on the 8 week APP program? Can I make the week up?

There is nothing to stop you from completing extra sessions within the suggested week period - so perhaps you want to do extra speed sessions in a week because you really enjoyed them ?

We do add an extra 2 weeks of access to every program to cover for these instances. So a 6 week program will have 8 weeks access built in and so on. Once the total weeks have expired then the programs are removed. 

You can however do or repeat as many of the individual programs that you like within that period.

Do I own the APP prgrams once I purchase it?

No - with the APP service you are purchasing access to the programs shown on there and all of the portability and ease of use of the platform.

Webinars and Courses - The Information is always there for you as needed.

Do I own the Webinar / Course once I purchase it?

Whilst we retain ownership of the content in all of our educational offerings, access to the information therein is yours for life. We hope that you refer to them regularly on your journey as coach or player.

So if you want to refer to a course component, or a portion of a webinar in the future then it's there for you.


Other Questions

I have another question ?


Just send it to [email protected] and we'll get that answered for you.

And perhaps add it to the ones above so everyone else can benefit from our interaction.