Webinar - Conditioning for Field Sports Athletes (and anyone wanting to get fitter/faster)

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Run Time : 32:05 minutes

This presentation is designed for coaches to gain an insight into the details of programming conditioning running sessions. When programming running it’s important to note that the variability across sports comes in the duration at which set velocities need to be held, the distances covered, and the amount of multidirectional patterning used during transitions.

Running in team sports, requires a mixture of the basic four velocities of jogging, running, accelerating and sprinting, it is in no way linear, it’s chaotic and it’s contextually specific ….. the coaching challenge is in training the appropriate proportions to produce the best energy capacities in the athletes. Most athletes need speed, RSA, Intermittent high intensity running ability, aerobic power and foundational endurance adaptations.

Even in high speed short acceleration sports, aerobic foundations are essential to train-  this is because as an athletes Aerobic capacity increases, so too does their overall work capacity and training tolerance.  It speeds recovery from anaerobically induced fatigue and it delays the onset of general training fatigue. Ranell will work through different types of running conditioning from sprints to Vo2 max, seasonal planning: where each mode of training should go and how to program them to maximise results.

Ranell has also Included One free training session for each mode of conditioning covered including:

  • Sprint Efforts
  • Repeat Sprint Running
  • Max Aerobic Speed
  • Extensive Tempo Training
  • Intensive Tempo Training
  • Fusion Training and
  • Short Burst Continuous

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