Regardless of the sport, the ability to rapidly and efficiently accelerate, decelerate, change direction and move a body segment or the entire body rapidly is a nearly universal and essential element of success.


At the Academy of Sport Speed and Agility we focus on perfecting the explosive acceleration that gets you to the ball first, or allows you to hit the line at your maximum speed possible.


Our specialised training programs and excellent team of coaches will get you running faster, for longer, through perfect speed and efficient movement mechanics.


The ASSA training system has been designed for progressive athletic development in speed mechanics, acceleration and force production (strength) to make you run faster, for longer.

Based upon decades of experience and world-class research, we specialise in youth long term development for explosive sport speed and reduction in injury through perfect movement mechanics.

The programs are a huge success for all field and court based sports players aged 9 and above and are easily implemented into your pre or post season training plans.

Latest News, Blogs & Podcasts

Ranells Latest Blogs / Articles


By Ranell Hobson CSCS Sprinting skills of soccer players is becoming of vital importance as the game and the players are becoming faster (Haugen et al, 2014; Wallace & Norton, 2014) and the amount of sprinting required within a game is ever increasing (Andrzejewski, et al. 2013; Di Salvo et al, 2010). Straight line acceleration…

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Traditional Phases of the 100m The 100m sprint has four distinct phases that should be addressed by the coach – the start, the acceleration phase, the transition phase and the maximum velocity phase (Winkleman, 2009). The acceleration out of the blocks is depicted by a piston action of the legs (triple extension of the hips,…

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By Ranell Hobson The game of Netball comprises of explosive short acceleration, vertical propulsion, catching, passing, defending and shooting where a team’s success is largely dependent on their ability to maintain and take possession of the ball and accurately shoot to score points. In the modern game, Netballers accelerate, sprint, decelerate, stop, change direction and…

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Speed is a complex component of athleticism, but one that EVERYONE WANTS. The pillars of explosive Speed are: SPRINT TECHNIQUE Sprint Technique – Athletes who apply the most force relative to body mass and in the right direction, are faster athletes.  Without efficient sprinting technique you lose a lot of force as energy leaks. Athletes…

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Ranell's Podcasts (Excellent knowledge sharing, tips and advice)

ltad 3

In this episode Ranell discusses:

  • The importance of increasing strength through peak weight velocity in female athletes.
  • How she integrates strength training on the track, pitch and court.
  • When to focus on strength/power and when to back off during the menstrual cycle.
  • How she organises her training programs within a squad of female athletes according to their cycles.
  • The opportunities to get better at the individual details within a team context.
ranell podcast

Today we talk about the pillars of speed every athlete should be strengthening, and every coach should be studying, ensuring athletes stay injury free with correct technique, amongst other points in this effervescent discussion.

A coach who isn’t out to steal your S&C job, and only wants to make you look good by way of strong and fast athletes, Ranell brightened our podcast room the moment she joined us, and we’re excited to share this interview with you all."


In this relaxed interview from 2020 with LANSW, Ranell discusses and shares her :

  • Favourite coaching moments
  • Core coaching beliefs
  • Strength training for young athletes
  • Scheduling strength training into a busy program
  • Running technique instruction and cues
  • Training loads for young athletes
  • Recommended readings and podcasts
  • Strength of speed development
  • Coaching arms
  • Best tips for beginner coaches
  • Future coaching plans.

All within 38 minutes.

Ranell Hobson, Training Director

Ranell Hobson Coaching Director, ASSA
M.Sp.Coach, B.SpSc & Coach, CSCS, ASCA L2, ATFCA L3

“Ranell is an expert in Speed” – Des Ryan, Head of Sports Science and Athletic Development, Arsenal FC Academy UK


Founder of the Academy of Sport Speed Australia (ASSA), Ranell is a fully accreditted (ASCA,NSCA) S&C Coach with a specialty in Speed and an award winning background in education and content delivery.

She develops the athleticism and speed of athletes across a myriad of sports including but not limited to: Athletics, Netball, Soccer, Rugby League, AFL, Baseball, Softball and Basketball.

At the Academy (ASSA) Ranell assesses an athlete's overall athletic function and running mechanics. Her programs address movement function, mobility and stability, strength and technical competencies in both linear and multi-directional speed.

By assisting athletes in this specialised way, she works with their full-time coaches to minimise injuries & maximise on-field performance.

Through her private coaching, Ranell has helped thousands of athletes world-wide modify their physical qualities and biomechanics to maximise sprint performance and reduce their risk of injury.

Ranell has a Masters degree in High Performance Coaching, is an ASCA L2 Professional Coach and a L3 ATFCA Coach. An elite master athlete in her own right, Ranell has won 6 World Championship Medals, holds multiple State, National and Oceania titles in the Sprint events and is a previous World Record holder in the 4 x 100m.

She has consulted to NRL, AFL, A League and Super15 organisations and travels the world presenting workshops on speed and athletic development to major clubs and sporting organisations.

She was awarded the ASCA Performance Development Coach of the year in 2019 for her work in the Championship winning season of the NSW Premier League Netball u23s GWS Fury team with a 15-1 season record as well as her work with the NSW Baseball High Performance program which resulted in the most sub 7 second 60 yard sprint times in program history and million dollar signings in the USA.

A regular presenter at the ASCA annual international strength and conditioning conference and the Asian Fitness Conference, she was recently contracted to review and update as necessary the speed coaching components of the Level 1 – 3 ASCA accreditation courses due to her recognised expertise in this field.

Her online coaching courses are accredited by the world’s leading associations and her training programs are in use daily around the globe.

Ranell brings to her sessions, workshops and courses an environment that facilitates discussion and coach interaction, where evidence-based coaching is paramount and intelligent and respectful interaction is encouraged.



ASSA Recommendations :

Products We Use By Choice.

“Trainer Roller and Recoil 360 Bungee ”
SKLZ Australia

Always found in Ranell's coaching kit and used EVERY session - Acceleration Trainer, Recoill 360 Bungee, Mini-Bands and Accu-balls. They should be in yours too !!!

For all of your speed and agility equipment needs.

We use SKLZ equipment for all of our practical sessions in courses or when training in the Academy. We have found this equipment to be without flaw and more than equal to the demands that Ranell’s programs place upon them.

Whether foam-rolling before or after a session, creating resistance through use of their Recoil 360 bungee, or challenging the athletes with drills involving the mini-hurdles, SKLZ equipment has always performed at the highest level.

The company statement is below:

“SKLZ offers a wide selection of training equipment and programs to hone and fine-tune your athletic training for any sport. We offer performance training equipment specially designed to increase your speed, vertical jump, strength, agility, flexibility and increase your responsiveness. As well many products will support your muscle maintenance program and help to work on your soft tissue.

You can warm-up with our Mini-Bands and the variety of our Barrel Rollers, train with our innovative Speed Hurdles, Quick Ladders and for example Super Sandbag and afterwards you recover with the Massage Bar and various Accu products like the AccuBall or the AccuStrap that will help you recover quicker.”

To compete effectively in the world’s most popular sports, you need well-trained skills, plenty of practice and in-depth knowledge of the game. That is where SKLZ comes in. We offer the most advanced training equipment because we are passionate about innovation. Our training products can help you refine your talents, develop an effective training routine, and sharpen your unique skills to a fine edge. ”

Fluid X - One Aqua Bag Unlimited Workout Possibilities

We have a CODE for you - ASSA10 gets you 10% off your order !!!!

Ranell met Wendy at the Asian Fitness Conference in Bangkok in 2022 when she needed aquabags and similar equipment to help with her presentation on "Integrated Strength Co-ordination Training" which was happily supplied.

Ranell loved using the equipment and after spending more time talking with Wendy and her team it was obvious that they shared common beliefs on quality of product and how to best use it in a training environment.

As with all of our recommended products featured on our website, they are items that we use ourselves either in our personal or coaching environment and are recommended wholeheartedly. We have personally used the items, met the people behind the scenes and am very happy to work with them into the future with full confidence.

Futher information taken from the website :

"The Fluid X is the accessible aqua bag training exercise equipment for fun, portable, and effective resistance and instability training workouts, delivering Hong Kong and worldwide." 

Their story from the website :

"Sister team Wendy and Winnie Cheung are serial entrepreneurs who share a love of fitness, startups and swoon-worthy K-drama. When the pandemic hit and the gyms closed, the sisters went from training at the gym nearly everyday to training at home.  Wendy especially missed the community and camaraderie at the gym: a place where nobody talked politics, and everybody supported each other to get stronger on their fitness journeys.

Feeling a bit bored of the usual home workouts, Wendy was introduced to aqua bag training and was immediately inspired and motivated by the versatility, challenge, and fun of the fitness product. Thus the vision for the Fluid X was born: a community of trainers and fitness enthusiasts who come together for fun and challenging workouts.  Together, we can move past our differences and focus on the basics: a healthy, vibrant life."

Recovery Systems - 3 day delivery to Australia

Recovery Systems supercharges recovery by using active compression to accelerate the body´s healing and recovery process by eliminating metabolic waste, decrease inflammation and speed up the delivery of nutrients for repair to the muscles faster than any traditional mode of recovery, massage or rest alone.

If you haven't tried our intermittent pneumatic compression device to increase your circulation, you're missing out! We'll make you feel fresher, faster, better!

Recovery Systems uses active compression to speeds up the bodies natural recovery process by accelerating the elimination of the waste and the healing process for recovery and gains faster than any traditional mode of recovery, compression socks, massage or rest alone.

In other words – out with the bad, in with the good.

Ranell getting some Recovery in between Expro2019 Sessions


Ranell was so impressed she bought one on the spot !