Baseball/Softball Appsignup Training Program

Baseball / Softball 12 week Speed APP Training Package. AUD $220 for 14 weeks access.



Ranell's specialised Baseball / Softball APP-based training program is now ready for immediate use.


She has expertly designed a 12 week speed program with two different sessions programmed per week. One session is pure explosive linear speed and the other session is to develop elastic strength, power and speed.


With speed being a vital component of on-field success as well as a gateway to representative selection, this program that you can do in your own time and place will help you be as fast as possible.


12 Week Baseball / Softball Speed

3 x Technical Speed and Linear Speed programs

3 x Explosive lower body Power & Speed Programs

3 x Core Training Programs

Dynamic Warm ups including Movement Prep

Cool Down and Stretch Programs

Intensive Lower Body Stretching Program


Cost $AUD 220 for 12 weeks of expert programs.




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Please fill in the form below which allows you to choose your own password.

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Once that is completed you will then be able to access the programs via this page automatically.

For even more ease of use you can also download the app to your choice of mobile device and use this to  log in using your email and password at any time within the program period as explained in the FAQs.


*HANDY HINT : click the 'ok to contact' box in the sign up form below to allow 2 way communication between yourself and Ranell whilst using the APP.

Any issues please email [email protected]