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“If you ever have the chance to attend one of Ranell’s speed workshops – Do Not Miss It !!!” – Jack Pullin, Manchester City FC Academy
“Brilliant discussion and Practical work” – Brad Newton, Strength and Conditioning Coach, Adelaide Crows FC AFL.
“This lady is amazing…” – numerous coaches and players all over the world.

Events , Workshops , Clinics , Assessments , Courses

Ranell is bringing her expertise in all things sport speed to the capital cities of Australia in 2019.

Organise with your club or sporting organisation to host her visit for sessions that will maximise your players athletic performance.

She will be offering the following 4 events :


1. The 2 hour players clinic involving an introduction to speed and change of direction mechanics training for all field and court based sports. Limited in attendees and ages 13+.

2. The 3 hour coaches workshop involving theory and practical components that is perfect for time-poor professionals. This is a condensed version of Ranell’s excellent full day course.


3. The full day (9 hours) speed coaching course comprising 4 hours of theory and practical application. This is a fantastic day that will change the way you view your athletes and includes lifetime access to course videos and speed training sessions.


4. A one hour assessment session of players movement capacities and competencies. Held in small groups these hour long sessions are sensational for identifying weaknesses and restrictions in hips, knees and ankles which may lead to, or be causing chronic injury, and providing real home based training programs to fix the issues found.


The program is designed to ensure that coaches who want to learn how to coach technical proficiency, increase their player’s speed and overall efficiency and decrease their risk of injury, can do so in the best possible learning environment from a true sport speed specialist.

  • Athlete Functional Mechanics

  • Acceleration and Linear Speed (Practical)

  • Mechanics in Speed for Explosive Force

  • Plyometrics and Core Strength

  • Multi-directional Speed and COD (Practical)

  • Science Foundations behind Explosive Speed

Sport Speed presenter Ranell Hobson (Australia) will take you through leading technical drills to maximise performance in straight line and multidirectional speed. These drills and combinations can be applied to any field or court based sport to unlock the true athletic potential of yourself or your players. You will also gain an understanding of the science foundations behind explosive speed; how to maximise potential and keep yourself and your team injury free.

Learn how to identify and correct inefficient speed and movement mechanics in your players that will reduce their risk of injury and increase on-field efficiency. This course comprises theory and practical components that will provide you with skills and drills that you can implement into your current training and coaching programs immediately looking at speed mechanics to maximise athlete efficiency – including Biomechanics, Physiology & Physics of Sport Speed.

Feedback from attendees :

“Brilliant discussion and Practical Work”

Brad Newton

Adelaide Crows FC Strength and Conditioning coach.

“…really agree with everything you guys do”

Darren Burgess

Former Head of High Performance Port Adelaide AFL, now Arsenal FC UK.

“Was a great day. Sound principles and great application in team sports!” 

Lachlan Wilmot

(Head Strength & Conditioning Coach GWS Giants AFL and now Parramatta Eels NRL Head of Athletic Development)

“If you ever have the chance to attend one of Ranell’s clinics, do not miss it” 

Jack Pullin

Manchester City Academy.

“It was great to meet you guys. Please reiterate to Ranell that I received some great feedback on the session, and that the department really enjoyed and took a lot from the workshop.”

Will Abbot

Brighton Hove Albion FC Academy

“I really enjoyed having you visit – the work is being implemented and sparked excellent discussions within the team which is great news for me.”

Alek Gross

Southampton FC Head of Academy.

“Ranell is an expert in speed” 

Des Ryan

Arsenal FC Academy Head of Athletic Development

“Ranell’s knowledge & application is phenomenal”

James Baker

Aspire Academy Qatar, Formerly ProFormance Uk and ChildtoChampion UK conference convenor.

“I recommend this course to any coach”

Dr Craig Duncan

Head of Sports Science FFA, Socceroos World Cup Qualified 2018.


Ranell Hobson has over 20 years experience teaching sport speed and agility. She has national and international qualifications relating to sport speed as well as currently training and competing at the highest international level for sprints. As such, she is in the unique position of not only knowing what she is talking about, but also actively pursuing excellence in speed on the worldwide stage for herself.

THERE IS A REAL DIFFERENCE BETWEEN SPEED TRAINING FOR TRACK ATHLETES AND SPORTS TEAMS PLAYERS and Ranell has researched this thoroughly to ensure that her programs are specifically suited to the athlete’s needs for their chosen code. She has created training programs that are specific to increased sport speed for your athlete’s designated sport. She has also personally trained the ASSA coaches in order to provide the athletes with the best possible learning and training environment.

She has recently completed her Masters degree in Sports Coaching at UQLD and alongside her CSCS and ASCA Level 2 certifications, she is also an award winning teacher and presenter.

Ranell brings to her workshops and courses an environment that facilitates discussion and coach interaction, where evidence-based learning is paramount and excellence of drill execution is displayed and participation is encouraged.

She has presented workshops and courses all over the world, most notably at youth academies of EPL clubs Arsenal, Southampton, Brighton, Crystal Palace and Leicester. She has worked with players and teams at all levels of performance.

“I’ve heard she is the coach of my dreams” – mother of FNSW NPL1 u/18 female soccer player suffering recurring non-contact leg injuries.

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