"Absolutely Brilliant - Ranell is a genius."


Jason Pospishil

State Operations Manager Baseball NSW  and HP Manager U16 u18 Baseball Program

Regardless of the sport, the ability to rapidly and efficiently accelerate, decelerate, change direction and move a body segment or the entire body rapidly is a nearly universal and essential element of success.


At the Academy of Sport Speed and Agility we focus on perfecting the explosive acceleration that gets you to the ball first, or allows you to hit the line at your maximum speed possible.


Our specialised training programs will get your team running faster, for longer, through perfect speed and efficient movement mechanics.


We are now excited to be able to offer a online pre-season Speed and Athletic Development coaching service for your team.



Everything You Need on Password Protected Specially Created Web Pages For Coaches & Players

Coaches Page - Access all programs from your Phone or Tablet directly from the Training Ground or download a PDF hard copy if preferred

Speed Progams

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Movement Prep , Pre and Post Training Mobility Sequence, 3 Way Hip Stretch

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Speed Programs for 6, 8, 10 or 12 weeks specifically designed to make your players faster. Includes progressions.

All exercises have full video support via links.

PDF versions of all programs are also available for download for those that want a hard copy for their sessions.

Extra Speed Programs

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Yoga and Mobilisation Progams

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Full and complete Yoga and Mobilisation video instruction. You can schedule a special session to work through these programs and watch your players improve their physical capacity for speed and movement.


Includes a Coaches version of the full 8 minute yoga routine specially designed for sports players.

Post Session Stretching and Mobility Progams

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Ranell has designed a sports specific post training stretching program that includes mat, roller and acuball components.

These programs are for 15 minutes only and designed to be of the most benefit to the team in the shortest amount of time.

Also features a PDF version of the program so that a hard copy can be used if preferred.

All programs will be specifically written to align with your coaching plans

Ranell Hobson, Training Director

Ranell Hobson Coaching Director, ASSA
M.Sp.Coach, B.SpSc & Coach, CSCS, ASCA L2, ATFCA L3

“Ranell is an expert in Speed” – Des Ryan, Head of Sports Science and Athletic Development, Arsenal FC Academy UK

Ranell is a 25 + year internationally acclaimed Sport & Fitness Industry leader and an award-winning presenter.

Founder of the Academy of Sport Speed Australia (ASSA) and Running with Ranell Online Coaching Service (RWR), she is a specialist Running and Strength coach for Sprint and Running sport athletes.
Ranell has a Masters degree in High Performance Coaching and a Bachelor degree in Sport Science and Coaching as well as being an ASCA L2 Professional Coach and a L3 ATFCA Coach.

Ranell is a regular presenter at Strength & Conditioning and Fitness Conventions and has delivered her Running courses and Athlete clinics across Australia, the UK and Asia.

An elite masters athlete in her own right, Ranell has won 6 World Championship Medals, holds multiple State, National and Oceania titles in the Sprint events and is a previous World Record holder in the 4 x 100m relay.

In 2019 Ranell was awarded the ‘ASCA Performance Development Coach of the Year’, having produced more sub 7-sec, 60-yard dash performances in NSW Baseball’s history (U16 & U18 players) and in her work as S&C Coach of the Premiership winning GWS Fury Premier League U23’s Netball team.

Ranell is the creator of the ASSA Speed system which develops both physical and technical competencies for speed, minimising injuries & maximising performance.


ASSA Recommendations :

Products We Use By Choice.

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Just head to their website (can use our links below) and shop till you drop. Then enter the specific codes below:

  • Gen-Tec Nutrition : 15% off - use code ASSA15
  • Recovery Systems : 10% off  - use code ASSA10
  • SKLZ : 20% off - use code ASSA20

“TR3 – Total Recovery”
Gen-Tec Nutrition




This is the post workout recovery supplement that Ranell uses and has found it to be the best she has ever had. You will always find this mixture in her workout bag. After much discussion with the founder of Gen-Tec Nick Jones regarding suitability for sports teams usage, she can now wholeheartedly recommend it as worthy of your attention.


GEN-TEC NUTRITION’S “TR3” (Total Recovery Phase 3) is an advanced Post Workout Recovery Formula designed for bodybuilders, fitness competitors and strength training athlete’s with a goal of improved recovery, increased strength and lean muscle mass.

PROTEINS: TR3 contains the worlds fastest digesting proteins of Free Form Amino Acids, Di and Tri Peptide’s (hydrolised WPI) and WPI for a fast and direct replenishment of the body’s amino acid pool to create a Positive Nitrogen Balance.

CARBOHYDRATES: Gen-Tec’s sustained release carbohydrate blend of 85% maltodextrin, 10% fructose and 5% dextrose monohydrate is a tried and tested formula to support maximum Glycogen Replenishment and create the Crucial Anabolic Drive post exercise. Chromium Picolinate has been added to support insulin sensitivity thereby enhancing the anabolic (muscle building) effect.

Ranell also uses the Myo-Insure as a morning activation drink.

Full information about these 2 products and the other Gen-Tec offerings can be found on their official web-site - the link is above.

“Trainer Roller and Recoil 360 Bungee ”
SKLZ Australia

Visit for all of your speed and agility equipment needs.

We use SKLZ equipment for all of our practical sessions in courses or when training in the Academy. We have found this equipment to be without flaw and more than equal to the demands that Ranell’s programs place upon them.

Whether foam-rolling before or after a session, creating resistance through use of their Recoil 360 bungee, or challenging the athletes with drills involving the mini-hurdles, SKLZ equipment has always performed at the highest level.

The company statement is below:

“SKLZ offers a wide selection of training equipment and programs to hone and fine-tune your athletic training for any sport. We offer performance training equipment specially designed to increase your speed, vertical jump, strength, agility, flexibility and increase your responsiveness. As well many products will support your muscle maintenance program and help to work on your soft tissue.

You can warm-up with our Mini-Bands and the variety of our Barrel Rollers, train with our innovative Speed Hurdles, Quick Ladders and for example Super Sandbag and afterwards you recover with the Massage Bar and various Accu products like the AccuBall or the AccuStrap that will help you recover quicker.”

To compete effectively in the world’s most popular sports, you need well-trained skills, plenty of practice and in-depth knowledge of the game. That is where SKLZ comes in. We offer the most advanced training equipment because we are passionate about innovation. Our training products can help you refine your talents, develop an effective training routine, and sharpen your unique skills to a fine edge. ”

Recovery Systems - use code ASSA10 for 10% off your purchase - 3 day delivery to Australia

Recovery Systems supercharges recovery by using active compression to accelerate the body´s healing and recovery process by eliminating metabolic waste, decrease inflammation and speed up the delivery of nutrients for repair to the muscles faster than any traditional mode of recovery, massage or rest alone.

If you haven't tried our intermittent pneumatic compression device to increase your circulation, you're missing out! We'll make you feel fresher, faster, better!

Recovery Systems uses active compression to speeds up the bodies natural recovery process by accelerating the elimination of the waste and the healing process for recovery and gains faster than any traditional mode of recovery, compression socks, massage or rest alone.

In other words – out with the bad, in with the good.

Ranell getting some Recovery in between Expro2019 Sessions


Ranell was so impressed she bought one on the spot !