Ranell's Netball State Championships Recovery Guide


Netball State Championships Recovery Guide

Netball State Titles :

  • 3 days
  • 18-20 games
  • 24 minutes per game
  • 30 minutes between games.
  • High intensity must-win games against quality opposition.


This can be brutal on a young sporting body, especially as there is no way to replicate the environment before-hand. Your in-season lead-up carnivals are only 1 day duration - imagine trying to hold together your best performance levels for another 2 days !


There are things you cannot control during Championship competition. However you can control how you recover to give yourself the best possible chance of competing well. The final whistle of every game actually starts the countdown clock to your next one.


Arm yourself with the most up to date recovery knowledge possible by following Ranell's recovery guide below - fully researched and including Ranell's personal knowledge and expertise. 


Enjoy the journey,

Ranell and the team at ASSA.



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Play Well, Play Fair, Play Strong, Play Safe.

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