Weekly ZOOM LIVE sessions with Ranell - NOW AVAILABLE !!!

“Thanks so much for the session last night. It was great! I really enjoyed it. Might be a little sore today but that's a good thing” – Mia, State Senior representative and NSW Metro League Netball player .

Upcoming Zoom Fitness and Power Sessions (limited numbers - $11)

Current Available Sessions for Bookings :

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Train in your own place and space with Ranell - Only 20 places available per session - $11

Current Available Sessions for Bookings :

Ranell is now offering limited places on weekly Zoom fitness and power sessions that she will be running. These will be held on a Thursday evening at 6pm and go for one hour.


The format is as follows :

  1. Thursdays 6pm - 7pm
  2. Only 20 places available
  3. Cost is $11.00 per attendee (or zoom account)
  4. Designed to be performed in small spaces - perfect for those affected by a lockdown.


The Sessions are designed in the following format :

  • Multi-lunge and On The Sport Warm Up.
  • Tabata Style High Intensity Conditioning.
  • Upper Body Strength
  • Core Strength
  • Stretch Down.


Extra sessions will be opened up including weekends based upon demand.


Your requirements to attend :

  1. Click on the session of your choice below. You can book a place for any sessions shown below and these are opened up in 2 weekly blocks.
  2. Responsibility for your Zoom account is on you. Ensure it is fully updated and ready to go from your end.
  3. Responsibility for your training area is on you. Safety is always our #1 priority. Ensure you have the necessary room to move, or can modify the exercises at the time to fit within your space.
  4. Responsibility for your body is on you. Any niggles or sore points need to be addressed immediately - if they happen during the session then stop and apply your regular maintenance techniques (foam roll, stretch etc).
  5. The session will go live 5 minutes prior to the start so any IT issues can be addressed if necessary.
  6. It's always your choice if you want to have your video shared during the session. Ranell obviously can only give feedback throughout the session if this is enabled by you so she can see you, but we fully respect those wanting to train just watching her in their own privacy.
  7. The sessions will by nature be catered for a diverse range of ages and sports. Safety is always our first priority and there is never any guilt or pressure for you to complete or compete with others. Stay within your training history abilities. 

Current Available Sessions for Bookings :