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Neglecting strength development in youth is missing the key component to increasing athletic performance and reducing injury.

Research has shown that sporting youth can commence resistance (strength) training in their early teens. Gymnasts are doing body-weight exercises from the age of 6. In Europe and the USA your competitors are getting stronger every day and reducing their risk of injuries through strength programs either home-based or gym-based. But it must be done with perfect technique and the programs must be specific to your sport.


Three Vital Components

There are 3 vital components to the generation of explosive Speed and Acceleration for the sports player. These are in order of importance:

  1. Strength
  2. Technique
  3. Body Composition

Put simply if you are not strong then you will never be as fast as you can be. Due to demand from sporting teams and individuals, ASSA can now offer cost-effective Strength and Conditioning home and gym-based programs that are specifically designed to complement the sport that the athlete plays.

These are training programs that work with an emphasis on working hard and getting maximum results in the shortest amount of time both in the gym and outside in the park.

It is so important to build upon a foundation of perfect technique, especially when working with youth players with no history of resistance training, prior to adding or increasing the load.

Programs cost $132 and cover 8 or 12 weeks of training based upon the individual’s requirements. They can be updated after a set period of time to ensure maximum benefit for the player.

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This is a video of ASSA Coaching Director Ranell Hobson working with a 14 year old soccer / football player Steven Brcic in his home gym.

Complex training involves pairing a resistance training exercise with a plyometric exercise that follows the same or similar biomechanical pattern.

This training is an efficient strategy in developing / enhancing strength and power by increasing neuromuscular activity resulting from PAP (post activation potentiation).

This may be used following the development of foundation strength, stability and mobility.

Here is an excellent interview with Des Ryan, Head of Sport Science at the Arsenal Youth Academy. Its an excellent read as he inherited a program that had suffered numerous injuries and lack of real progression from Academy to First Team Football. The important points to take from this is his respect for building youth that are strong but also ROBUST. The full article can be enjoyed by clicking here – Des Ryan Article.


The ASSA Strength Program for Youth Sports Players – Safety First

All plans are written by Ranell Hobson, NSCA – CSCS qualified and with over 25 years experience in sports coaching. She currently trains to compete at World Championship level in masters sprinting and uses the same methods that you can now access.

Being at the cutting edge of world’s latest research into youth training science, you will train smarter than you have ever done before and the results will show. And with long term development at the forefront, you will train safer than you have ever done with a focus on stability and mobility.

Ranell also lectures in Sports Strength and Conditioning and can be booked for 3 hour workshops with your club’s coaches to help maximise time with tailored information to target specific training requirements, including recovery strategies.

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