ASSA Team/Club Pre-Season Coaching.
Working with Coaches to help Players achieve their Maximum Athletic Potential.

”An outstanding pre-season program….. “
Jason Eager, Technical Director Northern Tigers FC – NPL 1 and 2 Male and Female Soccer (Football)

Team Training Benefits

  • Increase your player’s speed and acceleration.
  • Increase your player’s MOBILITY.
  • Increase your player’s robustness.
  • Increase your player’s running efficiency.
  • Increase your player’s confidence.
  • Increase your player’s athleticism.
  • Increase your player’s strength.
  • Increase your player’s elasticity.
  • 6 – 8 – 10 – 12 session programs ready right now!
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“It was great to meet you guys. Please reiterate to Ranell that I received some great feedback on the session, and that the department really enjoyed and took a lot from the workshop.”– Will Abbot – Brighton Hove Albion FC Academy

“I really enjoyed having you visit – the work is being implemented and sparked excellent discussions within the team which is great news for me.” – Alek Gross – Southampton FC Head of Academy.

“Ranell is an expert in speed” – Des Ryan, Arsenal FC Academy Head of Athletic Development

“Ranell’s knowledge & application is phenomenal” – James Baker, Aspire Academy Qatar, Formerly ProFormance Uk and ChildtoChampion UK conference convenor.

World Class Speed and Mobility Training at Your Club

Often when a season finishes, the previous season is reviewed and any weaknesses or areas for improvement are identified.

If any one of these is a desire for more explosive speed to get to the ball first or separated from your opponent, less injuries or greater endurance to finish the game stronger than your opposition, then contact ASSA. We will gladly present to you our training philosophies and how they can benefit your individuals, teams or organization as a whole.

We can also assist with your team’s pre-season speed and agility training. allowing your coaches to concentrate on game specific skills and general fitness routines. ASSA has recently been approached to present to Club Committees and Board rooms of major sporting organisations within Australia with a view to implementing our Speed and Agility programs within their current training schedules. These sports range from elite Soccer and AFL organisations to any code where speed and movement is a priority of success.

We now have a greater coverage Sydney and Adelaide due to an increase in the coaching team brought on by the success of our programs. ASSA would love to meet with you to discuss ways in which we can help your club or organisation be the absolute best that it can be, whether in Elite competition or weekend warrior level.

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Foundations of Training

ASSA has programs already written and being introduced into teams every week. These are based upon a 6, 8, 10 or 12 week program with natural progression from beginner foundational drills to more complex ones as the players adapt and become more proficient.

A basic summary is below but please note that all teams advance at different rates. It is a waste of time and effort to perform a drill just for the sake of doing it, as opposed to correctly and with purpose and direction.

Videos of Ranell demonstrating these 3 foundational drills can be found under the “Coaching Videos” tab on the top menu.

Stage 1 (Sessions 1 – 3)

Athletes commence biomechanical correction for correct force application and neural pathway development. Here we focus on three specific drills:

The ankling drill is used to teach a strong ankle and fast foot position. By maintaining a dorsi flexed position and making short sharp circles around the ankle, the foot learns to “rip” the ground and maximize the force applied to the ground on each foot strike.

Wall Slides
The wall slide drill is used to teach a quick recovery of the foot up and off the ground. The athlete imagines they are standing with a wall behind them. Imagining the buttocks and the heels in contact with the wall, the athlete slides their heel up and down the wall. The foot stays in a dorsi flexed position and slides from the ground upwards til it makes contact with the buttocks. The Athlete does this drill travelling forward with an emphasis on a quick, sharp contraction of the hamstrings.

Step Overs
This drill combines the ripping of the foot ground contact (ankling) with the quick recovery of the foot off the ground (wall slide), we then add a small step up and over the opposite knee to return the foot to the ground. The athlete needs to keep the foot under the knee and NOT flick the foot forward. This is a short step but rapid turnover of the legs maintaining correct technique throughout.

Stage 2 (Sessions 4+)

Athletes then advance to plyometric training and agility training, explosiveness through triple extension of the hips, knees and ankles, lateral speed and acceleration / deceleration training.

In stage two of our program we also pay special attention to the athletes weight based strength & conditioning to transfer strength created in the gym to an explosive first three steps (neuromuscular co-ordination and maximum motor unit recruitment) the development of maximum strength is crucial for starting strength and explosiveness.

Click on the file below referencing your sport to see how the ASSA program will assist you in your specific sport speed generation.

Soccer / Football Information Sheet

Rugby League Information Sheet

Netball Information Sheet

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