ASSA Sport Speed for Coaches Course

“Great opportunity for coaches to learn from one of the best.”
– Selwyn Griffith, Osteopath and Strength and Conditioning Coach Brisbane Lions FC and QSMC.

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Videos of the Dynamic Warmup from the Practical Sessions held in England 2015

Inchworm Drill

Rear Lunge to Stability Hold Drill

Russian Walk with Ankle Taps Drill

ASSA – Ranell Hobson’s 1 Day Sport Speed for Coaches Course – Excellence in Educational Methods designed by Coaches for Coaches.

ASSA is now presenting our international 1 Day Sport Speed for Coaches Course in Australia. Cost is $385 (incl GST). For details please contact


Next Australian Course : Wednesday June 20th, Melbourne, VIC. Booking Portal open now !

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We can also hold this course at your club or organisation in a closed setting for your coaches and members. Contact Kip directly at to discuss.

Sport Speed presenter Ranell Hobson will take you through leading technical drills to maximise performance in straight line & multidirectional speed. These drills & combinations can be applied to any field or court based sport to unlock the true athletic potential of your players. You will also gain an understanding of the science foundations behind explosive speed; how to maximise every players potential & keep them injury free.

You will also learn how to identify & correct inefficient speed & movement mechanics in your players that will reduce their risk of injury & increase their on-field efficiency.

Course modules include:
Mechanics in Speed for Explosive Force
Athlete Functional Mechanics
Plyometrics and Core Strength

There are also 2 practical sessions (with emphasis on Dynamic Warmup techniques) comprising:
Acceleration and Linear Speed
Multidirectional Speed and COD

This is a full day course that will provide you with skills and drills that you can implement into your current training and coaching programs immediately.

This course has domestic and international certifications. A shorter version has been presented in the UK to coaches of some of the biggest sporting clubs such as Arsenal, Crystal Palace and Leicester to outstanding feedback.

“I recommend this workshop to any coach”
Dr Craig Duncan
ESSA Sports Scientist of the Year 2015
Socceroos High Performance Coach, NSW Rugby League State of Origin HP Coach

“A great workshop”
Des Ryan
Head of Sports Science, Arsenal FC Youth Academy

“Ranell is at the forefront of sports youth development in Australia”
Gary Raffety
Head Physiologist, Australian Youth Football Institute

“Fantastic workshop, great passion, brilliant knowledge”
Phil Greenwood
Strength and Conditioning Manager, Pro Football Support UK

“Super enthusiastic and clearly passionate about what you do”
Ricky O’Donaghue
Head of Sports Science, Crystal Palace FC Youth Academy


Course Timetable (click to enlarge):

Course Schedule

Course Waiver

Click below to download the Course waiver to complete and hand in to Ranell at the start of the day :

ASSA Sport speed course waivers


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“I attended Ranell’s Speed Coaching course one Saturday. The very next Tuesday at training I saw a 16 year old player running and noticed his strange gait and strapped knee. Upon speaking to the parent I was told that he had suffered from knee pain for the past 18 months and they had strapped it before every training session and game since then. Thanks to skills learnt on the course I was able to identify that the issue was in the boy’s hips and not his knee. The very next day his parents got his hips checked and they were found to be restricted but easily fixed. That weekend he played without strapping and without pain for the very first time in a long time. Had I not been able to identify the correct cause of the boy’s running issues and offer useful advice, he wouldn’t have been able to play.
I can’t recommend this course highly enough to any coaches of youth sport. If you only take away 5% of the knowledge from the day to apply to your team, then you will consider it a day very well spent indeed.”

Darren Graham
Director and Coaching Education Manager BDSFA
Director and U16’s Asst Coach Blacktown Spartans Football Club

“Just wanted to say thanks for the great course on the weekend. I certainly learned a lot and it was a great mix of practical and theory. I have attended uni (sport and exercise degree) and other coaching courses and workshops and I have to say that was one of the best I’ve been to. You guys are obviously very passionate about and knowledgeable in the areas of physical preparation and LTAD of youth athletes. It was great to meet you both.”

Mitchell Cain
Head of Strength and Conditioning
Parramatta Rugby


“Up like a salmon!
Today I was on the ASSA – Academy of Sport Speed and Agility speed and agility course for coaches and athletes at Platt Lane facility, and it was amazing!
A great insight into the mechanics of improving sprinting speed and sharpness of agility, alongside explosive power techniques. Learnt so much in a single day!
This can be applied to a variety of sports, so if you think you need help gaining that extra couple of yards, or improving top speed, then contact me!
Thanks to the guys from ASSA! Great day, great course! I highly recommend this course to anyone that is involved with sports coaching or the fitness industry. If you ever see a course pop up in the UK, get booked on!”
Jack Pullin,
Ex Manchester City Academy Coach

mini-worked on 1

Special 3 hour Workshops Available:
Ranell is shown conducting a 3 hour workshop at Crystal Palace FC. This is a condensed version of her one day course and is excellent for busy coaches that can’t spare a full day. Packed with useful information and comprising 1 hour theory and 1.5 hours of practical its perfect for coaches that want to learn from us the basics of movement and how to get started with their athletes straightaway.
Use the ‘Contact Us’ page to enquire about costing and availability of this workshop.

ASSA Learning Outcomes

  • How to quickly assess an athlete’s current mechanical efficiency in maximising speed
  • How to identify weaknesses that contribute to a lack of speed on the court or field
  • Perfect technique for both acceleration and speed
  • Perfect technique for multidirectional and COD speed
  • How to identify and correct running faults that unchecked could lead to long-term chronic injury
“Was a great day. Sound principles and great application in team sports!” – Lachlan Wilmot (S & C Coach GWS Giants AFL)
Lachlan Wilmot
“I just wanted to send a personal email to you both as a thank you and a message of recognition as to how impressed I was with the course content and the teaching methods used throughout the course. Not only has my knowledge broadened in a field I was a little blurry about but I have gained a new interest in speed training for both myself and my athletes. Again, I can’t commend ASSA highly enough for the knowledge provided to those attending the course. Excellent.” – Gary Raffety (Seniors Coaching Director/ Head of Sport Science Australian Youth Football Institute 2013-)
Gary Raffety
“Very good course. Lovely to have a lecturer who is very enthusiastic about speed. Very enjoyable course with good content.” – Matthew Williams (Rugby Union/League + Athletics)
Matthew Williams
“Great delivery of information, clearly passionate about the content. Made the learning easier. Obviously very skilled in the drills as well which made the demonstrations easy to understand.” – Darren Coughlan (NFL, Rugby League/Union, Crossfit games)
Darren Coughlan
“Great balance of theory and practical. Completely changed my view on proper running mechanics. Excellent day, loved your passion. Keep up the good work.” – James Tatham (Rugby Union, High School boys). Strength & Conditioning Intern Waratahs.
James Tatham
“Very professional and smooth. A relaxed course which enabled visual and verbal learning. From a professional standpoint I am amazed at how much I learned from this course. Excellent teaching methods and exceptional information/demonstrations.” – Gary Rafferty,Head of Exercise Physiology at the Australian Elite Soccer Football Academy
Gary Rafferty
“Excellent content, presentation and coaching. Thank you.” – Tom Tombleson Msc, Strength & Conditioning Coach England Rugby Union Team and previously NSW Waratahs.
Tom Tombleson

Genea Netball Centre, Sydney Olympic Park, NSW

Waratah Room.


The ASSA Endorsments


National Strength and Conditioning Association of America (NSCA)
The National Strength and Conditioning Association has approved 0.9 continuing education units (CEU points) for certified individuals when attending this event.

Exercise and Sports Science Australia has endorsed the course for 8 CPD points.

The ESSA Professional Development Committee certifies that this Professional Development offering meets the criteria for 8 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Points. ESSA does not imply endorsement of the sponsoring organisation’s products/services.

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Video of Ranell Hobson’s Technical Practical Sessions – Sport Speed for Coaches course in Sydney 2015

UWS Kingswood September 2015

UWS Kingswood September 2015

UWS Kingswood September 2015