Ranell Hobson Coaching Director, ASSA
M.Sp.Coach, B.SpSc & Coach, CSCS, ASCA L2, ATFCA L3


“Ranell is an expert in Speed” – Des Ryan, Head of Sports Science and Athletic Development, Arsenal FC Academy UK

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Watch Ranell explain how to perform the Open/Shut the Gate warmup drill correctly

Video of Ranell training a Rugby League player in the pre-season:

Ranell discussing how elite athletes make running look effortless:




assa-video-icon 4-4-2 Australia Interviews Ranell Hobson regarding the lack of athleticism in our youth soccer players. Click here for the full article !

YouTube1 Click here to listen to Ranell being interviewed by Rob Pacey from PaceyPerformance Podcast UK – a service for knowledge sharing by elite coaches all over the world – as she discusses her hints, tips and tricks for excellence in Speed and COD mechanics coaching.

Ranell Hobson has over 20 years experience coaching athletes, building overall athleticism and explosive sport speed. She has national and international qualifications relating to sport speed as well as currently training and competing at the highest international level for sprints. As such, she is in the unique position of not only knowing what she is talking about, but also actively pursuing excellence in speed on the worldwide stage for herself.

Ranell has presented workshops and courses all over the world, most notably at youth academies of EPL clubs Arsenal, Crystal Palace, Leicester and Wigan Athletic. In 2016 she was invited to assist with preparing athletes in the USA for the NFL combine in Florida.


THERE IS A REAL DIFFERENCE BETWEEN SPEED TRAINING FOR TRACK ATHLETES AND SPORTS TEAMS PLAYERS and Ranell has researched this thoroughly to ensure that her programs are specifically suited to the athlete’s needs for their chosen code. She has created training programs that are specific to increased sport speed for each athlete’s designated sport. Ranell has personally trained the ASSA coaches in order to provide athletes with the best possible learning and training environments. There is a real difference between a track athlete and a soccer, rugby, AFL or any other sport’s athlete and ASSA Training Programs are designed to reflect that.


Ranell completed her Masters degree in Sports Coaching at UQLD with a GPA of 6.5. Alongside her CSCS, ASCA & ATFCA qualifications she is also an award winning teacher and presenter.

Her passion lies in youth development, particularly in strength, functional movement and speed to build the foundations for a successful career for our athletes in the sport of their choice.


Ranell brings to her workshops and courses an environment that facilitates discussion and coach interaction, where evidence-based learning is paramount and excellence of drill execution is displayed and participation is encouraged.

Ranell teaching

Ranell is able to assess your current speed mechanics in a group setting (4 people maximum at $75 each attendee) or a solo session ($150). These are usually held at Blacktown International Sportspark and can be arranged via kip@academyofsportspeed.com depending on her availability.

Ranell also coaches individuals ($150/hr) and teams ($250/hr) these sessions are held at BISP and Homebush depending on her current schedule. The team coaching can be held on-site if required (with additional travelling costs). Again these can be organised via kip@academyofsportspeed.com or by calling the office number with your enquiry.

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Videos of Ranell Hobson Competing

Winning 2015 Masters Nationals Championship 60m/100m

Winning 2015 Masters NSW Championship 60m – Note the Explosive Start !!!

60m Final 2014 World Indoor Masters Championships in Budapest