ASSA Pure Speed Squad – All about Speed Training for all Sports Players.
Only $25 per session !

“A cost effective way to be a part of the ASSA Athletic Development system”





Recent Achievements from Squad Members :

“I like to share good news with you. Aidan did very well in last Thursday’s zone competition. He came number 1 in 100m. His school got number 1 in 4×100 relay. He will be at zone competition in these two events in Sept.” – Aidan Lau

“Update on carnival yesterday, overall a good day.
Won her heat 100m in 13.08 a pb. In final came 5th didn’t run as well not sure of time as the results said she was equal 3rd with 12.88 but I think that was incorrect.
Came 2nd in long jump with 4.75 another pb
Overall 3 pb in one day a huge effort.” – Kiera Simula.

“Tammy won the 800m and 1500m and came second in the 400m and 3rd in the 200m” – Tamara Lenthall.

“Zyon won the 100m !!!! Here is video of her race : ” – Zyon Tonise.


“Participation alone in most team sports WILL NOT result in maximal improvement in either speed or agility…Specific training in Speed and Agility is required for an athlete to achieve maximum athletic potential” Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research 2001;15:31

  • Pure Speed Training with an emphasis on Repeat Sprint-Ability.
  • Develop Explosive Starting Strength and Top Speed.
  • Fitness, Technique, Experience, Confidence.
  • Increase Hamstring Robustness to Decrease Risk of Injury.
  • Training will benefit sports players as well as track specialists.
  • Be Coached to Achieve Your Full Potential on the Track or Sporting Field.
  • Ages 9 and above – all track, field and court based sports.



All programs will be written by Triple World Masters Sprint Medallist and Multiple Oceania and National Champion Ranell Hobson.

Ranell has a Masters degree in Sport Science and Coaching and is a Level 3 ATFCA (Sprints & Hurdles) Coach. As an internationally accredited strength & Conditioning coach (CSCS), she will ensure all athletes develop the strength foundation required for success.

For further information on Ranell’s internationally acclaimed coaching pedigree please visit her page under the “About Us” top menu item.

ASSA fully qualified and experienced coaches conduct these sessions and have been getting great results for the athletes in their care.

Please use the link below for the SOPAC Sydney Olympic Park Athletics Centre training schedule which shows the location of the Homebush squads as the main stadium or the warm up track depending on ANSW availability.

The location of the athletics main and warm up tracks are shown here :