ASSA Training Programs Pricing Guide


  • incl GST per 60 minutes or part thereof
  • $99 1-on-1
  • $66 1-on-2
  • $49 1-on-3
  • $38 1-on-4
  • *($99 Family max. 3)


  • incl GST – per 60 minutes of coaching
  • Consultancy or Training
  • 15 players max. Pricing is based on time and not numbers of players attending.
  • Pricing may alter depending on location if excessive travelling is involved.


  • Performed by ASSA Training Director Ranell Hobson
  • Qualitative Analysis Checklist of your current speed and change of direction mechanic
  • Home stretching and strengthening programs THAT WORK ! based upon Ranell’s findings
  • 1 hour duration
  • Held at Blacktown International Sportspark or Homebush

Additional Products

Session with Ranell

  • A 1 hour session with Training Director Ranell Hobson
  • Introductory session focussing on Sprint and Change of Direction mechanics
  • Maximising your increase in performance in the shortest amount of time.

Video Assessment

  • Perfect for athletes anywhere in the world
  • Expert video assessment of your athlete
  • Explanations of current movement technique
  • Strategised stretching programs where needed

On-Line Programs

  • Home based sprint programs designed for those that can’t travel to sessions
  • All written by Ranell
  • Includes full dynamic warmups and stretches for cool down and video links to all exercises
  • Full pre-season 10 week programs that cover – Repeat Sprintability, Linear Speed and Football Technical Speed.
  • Visit the Online Programs page under Programs to purchase now.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How old do you take accept players/athletes ?

Research has shown that mechanics training is best retained once the age of 9 is reached. As such we only take new applicants into the Academy once they have attained this age.
We also have to ensure that the player is coming to us fresh and ready to train.

We will not train anyone who is already experiencing fatigue from a full program elsewhere.

Whats sports do your programs cover ?

All field and court based sports. Most popular within our sessions are footballers (soccer), netball, rugby, tennis and AFL players. We have worked with and been hugely successful with badminton, baseball, basketball and gymnasts (sprint to vault) as well as track athletes (sprinters and long jumpers).

How long are the sessions ?

The sessions are held for a duration of 1 hour. All equipment is provided by the attending ASSA coach.

Where are they held?

We try and minimise the travelling time and distance that parents have to endure in Sydney and so have numerous locations and timeslots for you to consider. Please visit the ASSA Coaches page under ‘About Us’ for specific training locations and the respective contact number. If you would like further information or have a specific short term goal then please contact the office on 0412 632 544 to discuss further.
The school and track speed squads with their greater numbers are excellent options for consideration.

How do I pay ?

An invoice will be sent to your nominated email address on the Monday morning of the week after your session, giving options of Paypal, Credit Card and BSB transfer. You will never need to bring cash to the training location as the coach is only looking for your son/daughter/team to train.
If you are a member of the School Speed Academies then you are invoiced for the 10 week term at the start of the program.
If you are a member of the Pure Speed Squads at SOPAC or BISP then you are also invoiced at the start of the 10 week term for that period.
Prompt payment is expected.

In order to simplify accounting practices there is also the option of entering the auto-pay system wherein you are invoiced after the session as normal, and then the amount is automatically deducted from your nominated credit card. At the bottom of your invoice is the “autopay” option which you can choose and follow the prompts displayed therein.

Important Documents

Please find below the Youth PARQ and ASSA Course Waiver and Program forms for you to download and complete and bring to either your holiday clinic, first session or Sport Speed for Coaches Course.


ASSA Sport speed course waivers

Sport Speed for Coaches 1 day course program