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Pacey Performance Podcast

Pacey Performance aims to provide world class information on the physical and mental preparation of athletes.

It was created to provide world class information on all aspects of sports performance. Through the podcast and blog you will hear the views of Rob as well as world leading strength & conditioning coaches, technical coaches, physiotherapists, nutritionists and psychologists.

Some of his guests have included Darren Burgess (ex Liverpool FC now Port Adelaide AFL), Brett Bartholomew (EXOS), Alex Natera (Aspire Academy Qatar) and Dave Tenney (Seattle Sounders FC) amongst many others of extraordinary experience.

You can access his website by clicking here.

Behind The Game Podcast

Behind the Game is for the supporters of the beautiful game. Behind the Game believes football doesn’t end when the whistle blows at 90 minutes: it transcends beyond game day, into every aspect of supporters lives, and Behind the Game offers supporters a chance to explore and celebrate the parts of football culture you don’t read about on the back pages.

As modern football continues move ahead, it is important for the game to not forget the stories that came before. Behind the Game aims to share the stories that make up the beautiful game from past to present.

Current podcasts available to be downloaded include former Chairman of Soccer Australia Remo Nogarotto, Sydney FC CEO Tony Pignata, Branko Culina, and Matildas player Emily Van Egmond.

You can access the webpage by clicking here.

Robertson Training Systems
Physical Preparation Podcast

Mike Robertson is one of the most highly sought-after coaches, consultants, speakers and writers in the fitness industry today.

Known for his “no-nonsense” approach to training and brutal efficiency, Mike has made a name for himself as a go-to resource for professional athletes from every major sport.

Mike is the President of Robertson Training Systems and the co-owner of Indianapolis Fitness and Sports Training (IFAST) in Indianapolis, Indiana. IFAST has been named one of the Top 10 Gyms in America by Men’s Health magazine three times in the past six years.

Mike currently coaches a handful of professional athletes during their off-season, and is the physical preparation coach for the Indy Eleven professional soccer team.

His podcasts focus on Physical Preparation and have included coaches such as Charlie Weingroff, Nick Winkleman and Derek Hansen.

You can access his website by clicking here.

Historic Performance Podcast

Based in New York City, Historic Performance was created by James Darley to provide quality strength and conditioning information to soccer players, powerlifters, and strength history buffs. On the site, you will have access to blog posts, published articles, and the Historic Performance Podcast, which features some of the brightest strength & conditioning coaches, sports scientists, physiotherapists, nutritionists, and technical coaches in the world.

Some of his guests have included Lachlan Wilmot (GWS Giants AFL), Dr Mike Young (Owner and Director of Performance at The Athletic Lab) , Chris Brandner (Aspire Academy Qatar) and Matt Reeves (Leicester City FC) amongst many others of exceptional learning.

You can access his website by clicking here.