ASSA Recommendations :
People and Institutions of Note.

Yann Le Meur Info Graphics

Yann is a sport scientist at the research department of the National Institute of Sport, Expertise and Performance in Paris (France). He earned a Ph.D in Physiology of Exercise in 2010 by working on exercise physiology and performance analysis (University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis).

His main research interests focus on training monitoring, overreaching/overtraining understanding and recovery. He is actually working with several French teams for Rio 2016 Olympic Games including triathlon, cross-country mountain bike, swimming and rugby 7’s.

He’s also involved in non Olympic sports / teams as consultant (i.e. Rugby & Soccer).

His info-graphics have become legendary worldwide for the way he manages to display months and years of research and complex information in an easy to understand and follow format. His twitter posts are always an excellent read – @YLMSportScience .

You can also access all of his info-graphics by clicking here .

Dr Andy Franklin Miller

Dr Franklyn-Miller has worked as Team doctor to British Olympic Rowing, England Rugby, Melbourne Storm Rugby League and the New Zealand Black Ferns alongside work for UK Athletics, and whilst on Fellowship in Australia observed Sports Physicians working at the Australian Open Tennis and World Swimming Championships alongside a variety of AFL teams. He has appeared on the BBC Breakfast sofa and Radio 5 live on numerous occasions discussing athlete prepartion, injury prevention and injuries to leading athletes and a regular contributor to the BJSM podcast programme.

Current reseach interests include: the biomechanics of groin pain, the expedited return to sport following groin injury, exertional lower limb pain and running re-education. Professional interests include sport injury, unexplained underperformance in athletes, chronic groin pain, lower limb overuse injury, and the management of high performance load and recovery alongside the biomechanics of running for performance.

One of his published papers is entitled – “Throw away the Needles and Orthotics – Teach them to Run” and can be accessed here : Orthotics Letter from Dr Andy Franklin-Miller

You can access his website and signup for his weekly emailed Sports Medicine Updates by clicking here .

Joe Jacobi

Joe Jacobi is an Olympic gold medal winning athlete, previous CEO of USA Canoe/Kayak, NBC Commentator, a motivational speaker and a good friend of Ranell and Kip. He is a truly genuine and inspirational man with a world-wide following. His Sunday Morning Joe (a free weekly newsletter) is always an excellent read and well worth you subscription (its free so just sign up via his webpage below).

He is someone who has attained the absolute pinnacle of his chosen sport and then had to deal with the highs of lows of post competition and recovery. He now spends his time sharing his path to help athletes cope with the unique stress of high level competition.

His website is where you can sign up for SMJ.

His story is below :

“I figured out by age 10 that the sport of kayaking was my path forward. A challenging activity I enjoyed with my friends that transported me to off-the-grid destinations that counter-balanced my suburban Washington, D.C. upbringing.
By 16, I was competing internationally.
By 18, I stood on a World Cup podium.
At 22, with my canoe partner, Scott Strausbaugh, I won America’s first ever Olympic Gold Medal in Whitewater Canoe Slalom.

My trajectory within the sport carried me to more Olympic Games – first, as an athlete, and next, as NBC televisions’s color commentator for competitive canoeing.

Then I landed my dream job – CEO of USA Canoe/Kayak, the sport’s Olympic and Paralympic governing body that supports America’s best competitive paddlers.

In the process of supporting athletes, coaches, sponsors, committees, events, and volunteers, I forgot how to support myself.
My health unraveled.

I gained weight, clung to stress, formed poor habits, and disconnected with the very elements that I believed were my “super powers” going into the job.

After frustrating bouts with goal-setting and “thinking big,” I went the opposite direction. I started with Small Steps Forward Every Day, focusing on small incremental self-investments that I repeated daily.

Slowly, I experienced positive change that continues to progress in ways I could not have imagined.

This became the foundation of 5 With Joe, my performance coaching and executive training company that utilizes the essence of my Olympic Gold Medal skills and mindsets to transform the performance of leaders in business and in life.”