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Specially written programs based upon verified research and designed for maximum results for those that want to train within the ASSA system but can't physically get to one of our sessions . 

Movement Prep / Pre Training

$AUD 38.50

8 Weeks to Speed Program LEVEL 1

$AUD 55

8 Weeks to Speed Program LEVEL 2

$AUD 55

4 Week Netball Fitness Program

$AUD 27.50

6 Week Netball Speed and COD

$AUD 49.50

10 wk Accel / Explosive Speed

$AUD 49.50

12 Week Repeat Sprintability

$AUD 49.50

Movement Preparation – Pre-Training Routine

Movement Prep / Pre-Training Routine Now Available – $38.50 - Do this before your training to achieve maximum results.

This athlete Pre-Training Routine can be used by ANY athlete prior to training.

The routine has a focus on improving tissue quality, activating gluteal and core muscles and increasing the readiness of the back-line musculature for the Dynamic and Functional Warm Up to come.

The routine also contains exercises for those athletes struggling with a lack of lumbo-pelvic stability.

The Movement preparation and pre-training routine pack contains a 3 page instruction manual, a routine card to print and take to training and a video of the complete routine for athletes to follow.

The routine contains: Pressure Wave rolling, Dynamic Flexibility, Back Line Fascial release, Gluteal Activation, Lumbo-Pelvic Stability and Ankle Mobility Exercises to improve athlete function and performance.

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8 Weeks to Speed Level 1 and 2 Programs

8 Weeks To Speed Program Level 1 – $55 – For Players in a Hurry to get Faster


Ranell's BEST-SELLING program the world over !!!

Remarkable changes in just a few months. Transform your game in the off-season and be a whole new athlete next time you play.


Including videos of 2 warmups, 2 core and stretching components and 8 weeks of superb training in a "lesson" format -  all for just $AUD55! Click the button below to buy now…

8 Weeks To Speed Program Level 2 – $55 – The next BIG step in your personal speed development program.


This just released program is designed as a ‘next step’ progression from the 8 Weeks to Speed Original Program.

It has advanced progressions, competency in the technical speed development and change of direction mechanics, movement and stability skills in the original program are assumed.

This program is designed to be used in conjunction with the videos of the complete sessions in a "lesson" format that is easy to follow. There are 10 programs in total. 2 complete warm ups, 4 Sport Speed programs, 2 Core training and 2 Stretch programs.

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Netball 4 week Fitness Program #1

NEW !!!! - Netball (Court Sports) Fitness #1 program Now Available – $27.50

Netball stamina and speed will be developed in this outstanding fitness program that has been designed to build your physicality to match the rigors and demands of the game you love.

Included in the program is a dynamic warm up, intensive conditioning including speed, elastic strength and power elements, complete core training and a recovery stretch.

This program is the first in a series of Netball Specific Fitness programs. This program should be completed 1 to 2 times a week for 4 to 6 weeks depending on current abilities.

Netball 6 week Speed and COD Programs #1 and #2

Netball (Court Sports) Speed & Agility Programs #1 and #2 Now Available – $49.50 each - Covering Technical Speed & COD ( 6 weeks each )


A complete 3 month program over 2 x 6 week training blocks, written specifically for court-based sports - netball, basketball etc that will completely change your game.

Created by Ranell, these programs are focused on teaching and developing first step explosive speed and acceleration - skills vital for success in these games to get in front of your direct opponent.

Program #1 is comprised of 1) Mobilisation and Functional Warm-Up 2) Technical Speed Conditioning Training 3) Core and Stretch Program. Upon completion of Program #1 you can then proceed to the advanced exercises that are found in #2.

Program #2 is comprised of 1) Mobilisation and Functional Warm-Up 2) Power and Elevation Training 3) Short Acceleration and Multi-Directional Speed Conditioning and 4) Stretch Down routine.

It is strongly suggested to complete the Programs in the suggested numerical order.


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Acceleration and Explosive Speed Program

10 Week Acceleration and Explosive Sprint for Field Athletes – $49.50

Complete 10 week Program including Warmup and Cooldown. This is one of ASSA’s most popular training programs that is now available for you to partake of within your own training schedule anywhere in the world.

This program is designed to allow your athletes to sprint at 100% effort in every rep. By following the carefully constructed rest periods, your athletes will develop the nervous system to elicit fast contractions which, when combined with their game based conditioning, will give you that competitive edge. 


Repeat Sprintability Program

Repeat Sprintability Program – $49.50

Training players to have the physical competency required to maintain high intensity sprints with brief recoveries is integral to any field sport program. This competency is known as a players Repeat Sprint Ability.

The ASSA Repeat Sprint Ability program is 12 weeks in duration with progressions on physical capacity every week. You could quite easily extend this program out to last the entire season by running each weekly program for 3 weeks. It includes a full dynamic warm up including links to 12 videos demonstrating the execution of each exercise.

As well as improving the ability of your players to sprint at a high intensity for the duration of the game, research has demonstrated that this form of training assists in delaying the onset of fatigue and assists hamstring robustness to decrease risk of hamstrings strains in game situations.

High Intensity sprint interval training should be conducted after a full dynamic warm up that prepares the athlete to sprint at 100% effort.