ASSA 8 Weeks to Speed – Transform Yourself !

Specially condensed and intense 8 week program for pre-season and time poor players. For ages 13+ only.
Designed for maximum results in minimum time. Its the Ranell way !

ASSA’s special 8 week intense and condensed Speed and Agility program.

Remarkable changes in just a few months.

Transform your game in the off-season and be a whole new athlete next time you play.

****** Online version now available to purchase. Including 2 warmups, 2 core and stretching components and 8 weeks of superb training plus over 1.8GBs of videos all for just $AUD24.95! Click the button below to buy now…

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When a player needs to put on speed quickly for an upcoming tournament or trial, we run them through an intense, condensed ASSA Speed Program.

This is Ranell’s specially written program for all athletes and sports players aged 13+ – designed to teach you the skills of how to run properly plus the technical skills required for explosive on field speed and change of direction as quickly as possible.

Acceleration, linear speed, change of direction, braking and landing are all covered in this spectacular program.

Shown in one of the training videos is Todd Edwards, who only had 8 weeks till he left to commence his scholarship opportunity with Trinity College in the USA. Todd wanted to increase his explosive speed as much as possible prior to relocating overseas.

Watch his video to see some of the drills we put him through! He put in the hard work and as a result he and his new coach were ecstatic with the results.

And he is only one of many whom we have helped that have had only limited time but wanted to gain maximum results quickly.

The other videos feature athletes from a variety of field and court based sports – Soccer, Rugby and AFL.



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